The 10 Best Beauty Spas in Singapore You Should Visit

The experience you get from beauty spas is wonderful, to say the least. Especially if you are in Singapore and you want some time away from the stress of daily life or just enjoy the evening. Visiting one of the finest beauty spas should be on your list.

With that said, we decided that we should look at the best 10 Singapore beauty spa. That should help you develop some understanding of what you should be picking. This list is going to make everything much easier for you. Therefore, we should not waste more time and have a look.

#1 Remède Spa

The first on the list is the Remède Spa and it can be found at the St. Regis Singapore. This being the first Remède Spa set outside the US, the one found in Singapore has managed to drive the standards way up when it comes to good spas. Everything is not just decorated up to the standards but also meet the standards, making it one fine place to visit.

#2 Banyan Tree Spa

Next up we have the Banyan Tree Spa that can be found at the Marina Bay Sands. One of the most attractive things about this spa is that it happens to be situated 55 floors above ground level. Not just that, it is located at the heart of Singapore’s business district. These attractions alone make it a spa worth visiting.

#3 Auriga Spa

We are now looking at Auriga Spa located at Capella Singapore. What makes this spa so special? Well, for starters, the gorgeous landscaped gardens and seas acting as backdrops. This is one of the best spas you could visit. Not just that, you also have a luxury resort that only makes you wonder how you should never leave this place.

#4 So Spa

If you are looking for an exquisite experience then the So Spa that can be found in the Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa is the way to go. A perfect combination of hotel and spa makes this place one of the finest. This is one of the largest spas in the world. There is a lot of foliage to get lost into, as well. The soothing sound of the waterfall, as well as a lot of plants and flowers delivering a soothing experience.

For anyone who wants a weekend away from everything, this is it.

#5 Espa

It should not come as a surprise that many would consider Espa as a destination in its own right. The spa looks a lot like a retreat resort that has a lot of calming environment and foliage surrounding it. If you are looking to get lost in nature and have a safer and calmer experience, you could go here without thinking twice. It is located at the Resorts World Sentosa.

#6 Damai Spa

If you ever find yourself at the Grand Hyatt in Singapore and you are looking for some relaxation. Do look at Damai Spa. It is one of the finest places you can go to. It has a lot of traditional and modern treatments. Therefore, this should satisfy your requirements, too. They even offer a couple treatments. Therefore, if you are with your significant other and want a place to relax. This is it.

#7 The Fullerton Spa

The spas that are being offered by hotels are not always considered top tier. However, the Fullerton Spa at the Fullerton Hotel is one of the finest options. With all their services including their 90-minute signature treatment that is going to give you a wonderful experience overall. If you are in for some quality time, this is the way to go.

#8 Away Spa

W Singapore happens to have a reputation to uphold when you are talking about party hotels. However, away from the partying scene, there is a very amazing spa as well. That serves as a sanctuary for many. Granted, the futuristic theme along with bright neon lights are not something that caters to the relaxation factor but overlook that and you get a wonderful spa.

#9 Heavenly Spa

The Westin Singapore’s 35th floor is home to Heavenly Spa, one of the finest places you can go to. Granted, it is small with only 6 available treatment rooms. However, the best thing is that the spa here is going to cater to anyone who feels too tired or weary of their daily lives.

#10 Ikeda Spa Prestige

The spa industry in Singapore was graced when Ikeda Spa Prestige started their business there. It was one of the first Japanese inspired communal facilities. The best part is that it offered the same healing mineral enrichment that is found in the natural hot springs in Japan. These minerals have a lot of benefits. Including pain, anxiety, as well as stress. The sensory experience provided by this spa is amazing.

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