Ten Tips For Improving Your Marriage

marriage tips

You should not be overwhelmed when you try to make your relationship more intimate, connected, and secure. In the long run, if you use these tried-and-true tips, you will reap the rewards eventually.

Five Fantastic Tips For Him

  1. A husband will be happier when a wife does any of the following:

    When the wife notices that the husband is trying and thanks him for it. (For example, if the weather is hot outside and the husband mows the lawn anyway and she says “Thank you,” or if he plays with the kids.) The majority of men are pleased when their partners notice this.

  1. 69% of all men love it when their wife notices that they get a great job at a particular task.
  2. Men like it when their wives let others know about what they do well. 72% of all men are deeply pleased when this happens.
  3. Let him know how much she is pleased during sexual activity with him and that she desires her time with him. 85% of all men react favourably to this. Being racy, wearing new lingerie or trying different positions in the bedroom all help. The Kamasutra can help with ideas here.
  4. Let him know how happy he makes her. Perhaps she lets him know with a big hug, words, or a smile how much she appreciates the special things he does. 88% of all men are pleased when this happens.

Five Fantastic Tips for Her

Wives are made most happy when husbands do the following for them:

  1. Hold her by the hand. For example, women love it when men take their hand when they are sitting in a movie theatre or in a car. 82% of all women love this act.
  2. Send her a message telling her that he is thinking about how much he loves her by text, email, or voice mail at some point in the day. 75% of all wives are deeply pleased when this happens.
  3. When he touches her or puts his arm around her while they are out in public at a restaurant dining with friends or during church services. 74% of all women like this.
  4. Tells her that she is gorgeous and really means it. 76% of all women are deeply pleased by this.
  5. Instead of withdrawing when he is upset, grumpy, or morose about something in his life, the man pulls himself out of the funk he is in. This action proves to the wife that he is capable of taking care of himself without taking it out on her. 72% of women appreciate this.

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