Ten Must-Have Tech and Gadgets for Avid Adventurers

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To travel is to live. But without gadgets to make your trip a whole lot easier? No way! It is like walking into trouble with a blindfold on. There is a lot to explore on our tiny blue planet, and carrying the proper equipment can make the whole experience worthwhile. You don’t want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere with a dead phone. Nor do you want to regret no immortalizing a scenic view because you couldn’t capture the moment. So before you zip and lock your bags, here’s a list of tech and gadgets that you should carry along on your next crazy outdoor adventure.

The most used travel-related gadget: a camera

It is a no-brainer – who even travels without a camera? You don’t have to carry something as chunky as a professional DSLR for aesthetically appealing pictures. But if that’s how you want to roll, then go ahead. Now, many compact, easy-to-pack, and lightweight options give you fabulous results. Some can even shoot videos in 4K; that is something every travel enthusiast would love. In fact, if your smartphone has a good camera, you’re good to go!

Power banks, batteries, and a power station

Some adventurers like to go all out on their trips and indulge in all sorts of activities, from thrilling sports to ghost-hunting! These activities make for some exciting memories and evidence. Regardless, all your gadgetry will go bust in the wilderness if you don’t go prepared! Hence, carry fully-charged power banks and extra batteries to keep your phones, camera, and ghost-hunting equipment from spirit shack functional. You don’t want to miss recording some paranormal activity if your EMF meter dies at the last moment because the batteries out, do you?

A travel station can be dust and waterproof and comes with a backup of 20,000 mAh and more. Consider carrying one along if you can manage one with ease.

A music device and speakers

An absolute must is a wireless speaker. Back in the day, speakers had numerous wires connected to them. Now, you can buy solar-powered, waterproof speakers from the internet and make your trips more enjoyable with your favorite playlist. Bose, one of the best sound system manufacturers globally, has some of the best speakers for all outdoor purposes.

And of course, you’d want to carry a portable mp3 player along. No point of speakers if there’s no sound! Don’t forget to prepare your playlist in advance.

Travel adapters

Forgotten by almost everyone, travel adapters are lifesavers. Power sockets can be a nuisance, especially if you’re traveling to a different country or have multiple devices. However, if you have a handy dandy travel adapter on you, there’s no reason to worry. With this tiny gadget, you will be able to plug in and charge your electronics regardless of the type of socket available in your hotel or resting area.

A mini toolkit

If you want all the standard tools in one compact container, you should consider investing in a swiss army knife. This multipurpose, all-in-one toolkit has almost every little device you could need to survive in an emergency in the outdoors. From scissors to screwdrivers to blades, this knife has it all. You’ll be able to cut cloth or paper, slice wood, and screw nuts and bolts in an instant without having to carry too many things!

A drone

If you want to document your exotic travel escapades like a pro, consider taking a drone with you. This fun hi-tech gadget will enable you to capture a 360-degree aerial view of your destination and help you capture exciting and difficult-to-capture shots. Drones record in 4K and can go up to heights of up to 100m and more. However, you might have to check in with the local government and travel authorities for permission. Drones aren’t welcome everywhere for obvious security reasons.

Invest in a GoPro

A Go Pro has to be one of the most incredible inventions for modern-day adventurers. They’re small and easy to attach and adjust cameras that can record videos and capture images in outstanding quality. They can be attached to bag straps, helmets, and even on a headband. Because of their weightlessness, you don’t feel anything on your body. They’re also dustproof and waterproof, making them the ideal camera for people who love desert safaris, beaches, and water sports.

Electronic book-reading devices

If you’re a bibliophile and want to take your books with you, we might have a solution that doesn’t require carrying too many heavy books. Take an e-book reader along, such as a Kindle, and get access to numerous books online and enjoy reading in the rain or under the sun as you enjoy your trip. This takes away the problem of hard copies of books taking up space in your luggage/backpack.

Waterproof baggage

This isn’t tech, but we’re still adding this to the list because it’s an utmost essential if you’re venturing off to some wet place. To keep your valuable items safe from moisture damage, you’ll need a bag that’s rugged and waterproof. These bags are usually compact when folded, but they can store lots of electronic essentials inside them, preventing them from being damaged by water.

Download a navigation app

It’s normal for one to get lost in the middle of nowhere. Hence, it’s always a good idea to have a backup. Downloading navigation apps and maps on your smartphone will allow you to explore new places, keep track of where you are, and let you know how much time it will take to get from one place to another. You can also view and select the fastest and easiest route to get to a specific destination.


Buy, borrow, or rent but don’t steal! If you want to make the most of your adventures, consider carrying some of these gadgets with you. You will enjoy your trip even more and will be able to capture and create everlasting memories in beautiful stills and videos.

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