Technology| Which OCR tool is best to convert images into text easily

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) ranks among the most extensively executed modes of data entry. OCR includes scanning through digitized means and identification of printed or transcribed script. The conversion process is three steps. First, the data is added to it, which is a photo scanned; once it is successfully scanned, it is then carefully analyzed. The final step is the software converting it into character ciphers.

The new machine encrypted version is capable of being modified and searched electronically. The optical character recognition technique has critically upgraded the procedure of data entry. The tool allows fast transfiguration of scanned content to text files that can be easily searched electronically. Currently, the requirement for the documents, particularly more sensitive data to be scanned, is on a relentless increase as it qualifies these files to be observed expediently when necessary. It is also a lot easier to share the scanned document with the electronic means that we have available today.

OCR software is ideal for both personal and commercial use. They have a full application in both; it is because the requirement for converting a hardcopy into a scanned document can arise anywhere. It can be used even for academic purposes. The most important use would be converting important notes into a scanned document that can be shared among all the students.

OCR’s benefits

OCR provides numerous benefits. It’s most popular use is seen in business, where it assists in increasing its efficiency and competence. Since it can help to convert data into searchable files, commercial sector organizations can use the technology to convert significant data records and search through them quickly.

Its other benefits include:-

Improved precision: – Previously, organizations had to keep massive data records in a hardcopy. It made manual searching through them a lot difficult and imprecise since it was difficult to locate data related to a particular source. The file produced through the OCR technique is completely searchable; hence any data from records can be obtained with high precision.

Better Productivity: – The task of manual retrieval of data was also time-consuming. It took multiple employees searching through a database to obtain it. OCR software has put an end to this approach. It has saved employees running back and forth to the central record storage. The data retrieval process has been converted into a lot faster and effortless task.

Financially valuable: – Many large businesses had to appoint several employees to look after the records. It also took a lot of space to store all the information, provided that the data was also sensitive forced companies to hire employees with a higher skill-set to look after and scroll through it. The introduction of OCR and the conversion of the physical copies into their digital equals have allowed many business organizations to cut down on these expenses. Since data can now be stored in a drive that can be regulated by a few rather than many employees, additionally, it has also aided them in cutting down on storage charges and efforts.

Upgrade in Data Security: – A significant problem that kept arising with the hardcopy of data records was its security. It is a lot more challenging to look after thousands of papers and physical entities compared to an electronic and digital copy of it. The digital means make it easier to protect sensitive data through several technical methods.

Improved customer service: – The Optical recognition technology has also made it easier for companies to enhance their customer service. It is because the employees are now capable of instantly searching through the records and provide customers with the information that they seek.

Best Optical character recognition tools

Many websites propose OCR tools. However, searching for an intelligent and highly efficient machine is mandatory. It is because of the complications that might be associated with the conversion of the ancient text. It could make the scanning and analyzing complex.

A tool that is developed with the most advanced technology is capable of carefully scanning the document and then converting it into a searchable digital file. Furthermore, a mechanism must also be capable of identifying and processing mathematical expressions.

The best OCR tools available online are as follows:-


In the category of an image to text convert tools, the PrePostSEO Optical recognition tool is ranked very highly. Efficiency and accuracy are the two main aspects of it as the tool is proposed emphasizing upon them.

The tool is free and usable online. Making an input query is pretty straightforward. The person has to upload a picture into it or Paste the URL if it is available online.

Its other notable features include:-

No restriction on uploads: – you can use it several times. There is no limitation imposed on the number of uses

Strict Privacy policy: – Your data is used for your intended purpose. It is never shared inappropriately without consent.

Multiple font recognitions: – Many tools have this feature limited. They are not capable of identifying and processing many fonts, Unlike the PrePostSEO, which excels in this aspect.

Poorly Scanned photos support: – The efficient tool is capable of scanning blur or unclear images with high accuracy.

Mathematical expressions identifications: – The tool is also designed to recognize complex mathematical equations.


Accessible PDF is a secure and reliable online OCR tool with the ability to deliver accurate results in seconds.

The software provides several beneficial aspects for its users. It can be used with complete reliability without signing in or inserting related data.

Some of the critical features that SodaPDF OCR tool offers are:-

Easy conversion: – The tool is straightforward to operate. The person has to upload the file from their drive, which can be performed in several formats.

Completely Secure: – The user does not have to worry about the confidentiality of their documents. The tool is highly reliable.

Transform the image into word, excel files: – The tool allows users to convert an image into an editable and searchable word file. Additionally, the tables in the picture are turned into an excel file, making it easier for the person to operate it.

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