Technology That Can Save The Environment

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Technology continues to improve, transform, and innovate at an astonishingly fast rate – so why not use this not only to our advantage but to the advantage of our planet as well?

In the last few years, we, as a society, have begun to take environmental care more seriously, but it will take more than recycling our used take out containers to save our hurting environment now.

For this reason, we’ve decided to take a look at some different technologies and services such as energy future that can help save the environment – and our search did not disappoint.

Advancing Towards A Healthier Planet Thanks To…

  • Green Industrial Equipment

It is no secret that industrial pollution is something that needs to be addressed. This is true of many different industries across our country, each with equally harmful processes that need to be improved upon. While it would be impossible to eliminate industrial pollution in one fowl swoop, there are a number of small changes we can make that will begin our industries’ transition into more environmentally friendly operations.

A great example of one of these small changes is Canada’s oil and gas industry upgrading their equipment using new technologies that are safer and cleaner for the environment, such as this new equipment designed to control fluid coming from a well.

  • Vertical Farming

Sorry, what?

You read that right: vertical farming, the future of agriculture.

Rather than spreading out our farms over hundreds of acres of land, this new technology allows crops to be grown vertically, in climate-controlled environments.

This means a number of things: first, we will be using less land, which means less destruction of forests, etc.; second, this new method uses only a fraction of the water that traditional farming uses; and third, we will be able to produce higher quantities and better quality crops without the use of harmful chemicals such as pesticides.

  • Renewable Resource Harvesting

Renewable energy is not a new concept, but is becoming more prominent across Canada than ever before.

Solar, wind, and even wave energy farms and systems are being installed in both small and large-scale projects.

One example of this is Canadian Marine Renewable Energy (MRE). This system is being developed to harness the power of ocean winds, waves, tidal flows, and even temperature gradients, which is already being done in other countries, such as Scotland, Chile, and Singapore. Canada, being surrounding by ocean on three sides, has the potential to harvest substantial amounts of this renewable energy.

  • Electric or Biodiesel Fuel Vehicles

People are not going to stop driving, but vehicles are one of the main contributors of air pollutants into the atmosphere, primarily due to the sheer amount of vehicles on the road at any given time.

To reduce the harmful substances being released into the air without attempting a “no vehicle” movement, electric cars are our best best – and they have come a long way in the last few years. More companies are manufacturing them,  making them more accessible and affordable (and giving you more style options), and they are constantly becoming more efficient.

Help Keep Our Planet Healthy

Change is unavoidable, and in this case it is more important than ever. Using our constant improvements in technology, we can implement changes in every aspects of our lives that will help us to reduce and reverse the damages we have caused to our environment.

We only get one planet, so let’s use the technological resources available to us to our advantage and take care of it.

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