Technology & Life: 7 Insights to Why Technology Is Significant

Significance of Technology on People’s Lives

The level of technology has immensely changed the way people live in society and how they, in turn, partake their daily activities. The innovation of various equipment and gadgets that have enabled life to be more convenient- guided through technology. Below are some of how technology has influenced people’s ways of living.

1.Convenience in Communication

With modern technological innovation, there have been various means of communication across the globe. People can gain access to computers or mobile phones quickly and have been able to communicate via social media and the internet.

Innovation of technology and its advancement have helped pave the way for an easier and faster communication method. Earlier, conveying information from one geographical area to another used to take a long time.

2.Improvement in the Health Care Sector

The advanced level of technology has greatly boosted health care services. As compared to the past, when patients had to queue in long lines waiting for the doctors to attend to them, nowadays, patients can easily book their appointments with doctors via online platforms services.

It is easier and efficient for patients to effectively schedule their hospital visits using their phones and also be able to check the office of the doctors if it is open. This has limited the time wastage by patients in visiting the medical premises.

3. Easy Access of Information

Before technology advancement, searching for certain information was tiresome and time-consuming. It involved spending a lot of time searching through printed sources such as magazines, newspapers, and books.

But recently, for one to easily access some information, all which is required is mobile phones and access to the Internets and all the information will be provided to. Many resources are available in the online platform, enabling access to information conveniently.

4. Improvement in Medical Treatment

With the improved level of technology, most of the treatments that were difficult to handle have now become easy to be handled. Technology within the medical sector has greatly enabled the treatment and identification of serious illnesses such as organ failure and transplant and chemotherapy for the patients who are suffering from cancer.

Today, patients suffering from serious illness have chances to survive since they can get adequate and proper medical treatment due to technology.

5. Better Learning Opportunity

Learning within the classrooms has become more interesting and more interactive, making students more interested in their specialization area. Teachers in various learning institutions are using technology to plan their activities and create materials that will enhance the students’ understanding.

Online applications and technological tools have facilitated remote learning and e-learning possible. Individuals who would like to pursue different learning courses and get their degrees are now able to do so in the comfort of their homes. The accessibility of the learning institution’s learning materials has been made more easily with the available technological tools.

With advanced technology, students can access online lessons and resources like research papers and videos, thereby effectively coping with their studies. With the assistance of technology, students have been able to enrol in different online courses and certifications in demanding subjects such as cybersecurity courses that have enabled them to know network functions.

6. Betterment of Business

In the past, business owners had to travel long distances to meet and physically deal with clients. Thanks to the technology innovation without even physically meeting, the business partners and client’s clan effectively have a conducive and productive meeting.

To effectively win a client’s trust, the business owner needs to show them zeal, but in the past, it was very difficult as investors only needed to decide on the hearing of words. Presently, business owners only need to create a presentation that has slides explaining the importance of the deal to be agreed on.

Also, with technology, business conferences have been enhanced. In the past, business transactions were completed when people met one on one but with advanced technology. With the click of a button on a mobile phone, one is in a position to send and receive money instantly across the continent.

7. Accessible Shopping

Technology has enabled individuals within the continent to shop in the comfort of their homes easily. With the introduction of online shopping, individual doesn’t need to visit the shopping centre as all that is required physically is a network connection and a secured working device such as mobile phones, tablets or computers.

Also, the payment method has been made easier as one only needs to send the amount to be spent. The handling of cash within the shopping malls has also been reduced.


Thanks to the advanced level of technology, life has become comfortable. It is unimaginable a day gone without technology usage as it represents almost everything that people use. Despite it having some disadvantages, technology has positively impacted the way people live within societies.

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