Tech Tools for Vapers: Gadgets and Apps for Your Smartphone


Vaping is becoming a hugely popular hobby for people all over the world. Ex-smokers are turning to vaping to avoid the terrible health effects of smoking, and for many people, it has become a fun hobby as well as a way to quit smoking more easily.

If you vape, you may want to get more out of it through using innovative smartphone apps and gadgets. There are plenty gadgets available at Canadian smoke shop that can help you to make your vaping easier and more enjoyable, so here are some of the best that you might want to try yourself.

Vape Tool

Vape Tool is a comprehensive app that is one of the most popular used by vapers around the world. It essentially aims to be the only vaping app you will ever need, and for that reason, it comes with a wide selection of features.

It includes help for preparing e-liquids, a coil calculator, an Ohm Law calculator, and much more. The free version comes with ads, but there is a pro version that is ad-free, and the pro version also includes a number of other useful features.

Vape Boss

Vape Boss is another all-inclusive vaping app that doubles up as a community for vapers in the form of a social media platform. It’s very popular with vapers all over the world, who use it to get the latest news, share tips, and more. Try it out and become part of a large vaping community.

Ohm’s Law

This calculator app is a free and simple app that is easy to use and provides you with the crucial information you need for your own DIY vaping projects.

Easily find out voltage, current, resistance, and wattage to assist you with building coils. It will allow you to find out the current you will draw from the battery or the wattage so you can find out how long the battery is going to last.

There are other calculators that do the same thing, including MicroCoil Pro, which has similar functions.

E-Juice Lab

This app is for those more advanced vapers who mix their own e-juice. It’s a calculator that you can use to set the nicotine strength you want, set your PG/VG ratio, and work out the perfect flavoring for your vaporizer, and you will instantly find out how much you need to use of each.

There are other similar apps, including E-Liquid Calculator, and these are all very useful for creating your own e-liquids to use in your e cig tanks.


QuitNow! is not specifically focused on vaping, but it is very useful for anyone who is quitting smoking and who wants a bit of support to help them succeed.

It’s one of the most popular quit-smoking apps available, so use it to get some help if you’re quitting the habit and switching to vaping.

Vaping Phone

There are also some great gadgets for vapers like the Jupiter Vaporcade phone. This is a smartphone that you can use to vape, and you can read all about it here.

It’s an Android smartphone with two separate batteries, one to use the phone and one to vape, and it performs some smart moves like tracking your puffs and storing details of your best flavors.

Coil Maker

Serious vapers who want to make their own coils should check out the PilotVape Coil Magician Tab. This comes with a voltage meter and an ohm meter, as well as a deck for building coils and more, making it the ultimate device for DIY vapers.

Tank Cleaner

When your tanks are all used up, you’ll need a way to clean them, and the Ultrasonic Cleaner from Vaporesso is the gadget for this.

It cleans everything including atomizer parts, screws, glass tanks, and more, and it will save you a lot of time.

Portable Charger

There are lots of portable chargers out there, so find one that you like. This can help you to avoid the situation where you don’t have enough charge to keep vaping.

They can charge various battery sizes, and they are very convenient when you are going to be out and about for a long time and you want to carry on vaping.

Get Some Vaping Help from Apps and Gadgets

These are just some of the vaping gadgets and apps to download to your smartphone, but there are many others out there. Explore the available tech until you find some apps and gadgets that you like, then get more out of your vaping whether you want to perform calculations or mix your own e-juice.

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