Tech-Challenged Seniors Get on Board with Brand New Innovations

We’re living in a very technologically advanced age and whilst for most of us, picking up a smartphone or tablet and clicking a few buttons to get what we want is commonplace, we forget that there’s an older generation out there who don’t always find things like this easy. In fact, it’s estimated that 70% of 65 year olds in the US alone don’t own a smartphone, and as we’re an increasingly ageing population, that’s a considerable amount of people.

Tech Innovations for Seniors

One amazing new innovation is really causing a stir amongst those seniors in the know. We’re all familiar with Uber, but one former student has taken this a step further and developed a service that can be worked from an ordinary touch tone phone. In the news this week is Justin Boogard. He was living with his Grandmother while he developed GoGo Grandparent, a system that will automatically connect seniors to app services like Uber from their home phones. They get to speak to someone in a call center who will organize a cab ride for them via the app. Relatives or carers will get regular text messages from the service, so they’re aware that it’s being used and the person using GoGo Grandparent is safe.

But there are other interesting developments in the world of technology for seniors too. If mobility issues are a concern, then innovations like Amazon Echo mean that they can still carry out simple tasks we take for granted, like turning the lights on and off or adjusting the thermostat on the heating without having to get up and turn them off. Echo is a system that uses voice recognition technology to carry out these essential functions – and it’s hoped that over time, these types of controls will become more commonplace for other household tasks too, like closing blinds or even turning the oven on and off.

Social Media for Seniors

We all remember the sitcom The Golden Girls, and how many of us watching decided that that was how we wanted to experience our later years – having fun, living and laughing with a group of senior women who wanted to grow old (dis) gracefully? One major new social site is making this possible. Step forward the Golden Girls Network, a website which helps you search for your ideal senior housemate wherever you live. You sign up, create a profile, and begin your journey to find other like-minded individuals to live with. All the above shows just how much it’s possible to live life to the fullest using technology, even if you’re not confident with it!

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