TattooYou temporary tattoos created by established tattoo artists

Tattoo You is about bringing a high calibre of tattoo art to those who would like to enjoy and experiment with body art without consequences.

There are a lot of company’s theses days that offer temporary tattoos, most of the time they don’t look real at all and suffer from poor design. TattooYou stands out because their designs are created by talented and established tattoo artists from around the world. Ideal if you are looking for a short term design or want to experiment before getting a permanent tattoo. They have over 50 different designs to choose from and they last for 2 weeks.

I had a lot of fun doing the shoot for TattooYou I always wanted to try out a sleeve. A sleeve is a large tattoo or collection of smaller tattoos and covers your whole arm. I have one real permanent tattoo on my finger and it was fun to try out a sleeve. It looks real, I got a lot of replies wearing it because people think it’s a permanent tattoo.


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