Switch Off Re-Connecting With Yourself

digital age

In a world where cell phones can often dominate our day to day lives and routines, the importance of switching off (quite literally!) could provide a welcome break from the negative effects that constant internet use has. As well as the many benefits of connecting with others, and endless entertainment, it is important to consider the effect it could be having in the long run, in terms of wellbeing, mental stability, and understanding of society, interaction, and ourselves as individuals.

The dominating digital age

In the digital age we are living in, an individual receives a constant stream of input every single day.  Advancements in technology, especially regarding the abilities of cell phones, have meant that people have access to a literal world of information on a device that can fit into their pocket. The growth and expansion of the internet and the ways in which people use it to connect, share, and download information is constantly evolving and changing, and as society tries to keep up with it, our understanding and expectations of real-life situations and choices have also significantly altered.

The impact of cell phones

Every time a person is on their phone, they are taking in vast amounts of information, at a pace that is hard to keep up with. A news story is now uploaded with live updates as the event is unfolding, and photos of events can now be shared as they are still happening.  It is not surprising that a terrifying average of four hours a day is spent checking phones. These statistics go to prove the effect cell phone usage is having on us each day. The time spent on our devices, understandably, is time lost on other activities; whether that be that interacting with peers or spending time in the ‘real world.’

Switching off

Although there are many positives to the capabilities of the digital age, ensuring serenity and calm in your individual life is an integral part of ensuring you do not become lost, and too focused, on the digital elements of our lives. Finding serenity comes in many forms, be that through meditation, exercise, reading, or ‘time out’ to treat yourself. Spa treatments may be the answer for you and can help you to unwind; massage spa Folsom offers inspiration for such purposes. The human brain, after all, is not designed to be going 100 miles an hour all day, every day. Giving yourself time to switch off, literally and metaphorically, is proven to have long-lasting positive benefits in terms of general well-being and our health. Separating yourself from your cell phone and ‘disconnecting’ from the digital world can be beneficial for various reasons, and is known to boost productivity, creativity, and mental strength.

The real world and real experiences often tend to overlap with the digital world. Switching off to have time to think and find peace with yourself can help to ensure you can relax, make the best choices, and are, first and foremost, happy.


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