Swimsuits: how to choose the most flattering


The holidays are always expected. But buying the swimsuit does not generate the same expectation. Even less, when we launch into that adventure without the minimum golden tone on the skin and after a year with little accumulated physical exercises. How to cope with the moment? One of the keys is to be extremely objective with the visual focus of the body that will be most favorable. With the swimsuit, of course, the body will be visibly more exposed.

Before buying

First of all, when you decide to try on bikinis, do not go with the premise of buying it immediately. Go relax and try bikinis and more bikinis, until you find the one you say: this one! If you can’t find it, come back another day, or go to another store. Buying online is recommended as you’ll get a lot of options in every single segment. Based on our experience, Zaful is one of the best choices. The online store provides everything you need about bikini.

Get attention without embarrassing yourself

Choosing a bikini that favors is choosing a bikini that highlights the strengths of the body. Also hide the less favored and that requires knowing yourself very well and being above all humble. The integral meshes, which for a couple of seasons came back with everything, are recommended to define the bust well and give a feeling of a more stylized body. If you have a good bust, you can opt for a more striking pattern in that area. A trick to disguise the belly? Choose a model that has a neutral tone from the bust down. This will lead to unpacking visual attention. The trikinis (two-piece models with the muscular upper part) also fulfill this objective.

Some important tips

There are also some tips to choose the most appropriate bikini. For example, if we have strong hips, the best thing to do is avoid the ones with side straps and instead, look for those with neutral and wider colors. In case of having a small bust, more shocking, embroidered or flown tones will give more volume.

But after all, if you are not confident to use two-piece models, you can try different versions of Bodysuits provided by Zaful such as Ribbon Trims Letter Embroidered Bodysuit, a sexy enough version with yellow as a favorite color and Letter Print High Cut Bodysuit, a sporty version. If you want to know more available versions, you can click here.

You have to play with the top and bottom of the body to attract attention and in the case of bikini, the panty must also stylize, creating a feeling of curve. Bright colors or bright prints are useful and perhaps, you need to combine them with drapes, buckles, or ruffles to give “a feeling of volume”.

Blackish colors are used to hide not interesting parts of your body. Remember that looks will always go where you call attention. If we want to hide or go unnoticed, we use black or dark colors. By using the colors, we could avoid flyers or details that attract the other eyes.

By applying the rules above, you can minimize the errors that may occur when you choose a bikini.

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