Sustainable Luxury Candles from Kahale London


Kahale London is on a mission to build a brand that offers high quality products using premium ingredients. The beautiful candles are hand poured in East London and their minimalist design goes well with every interior. The matte black candles, available in three elegant scents, are crafted with sustainability in mind. Unlike other home fragrance brands, they are not wrapped in plastic and instead come in a beautiful box that can be used for many other things, for example as a jewellery or a make-up box. 

Vegan-friendly and made from recycled materials

The organic wax blend is made from premium soy and rapeseed wax that ensures a subtle but noticeable scent throw. However, the brand’s commitment to sustainability doesn’t just relate to the candle itself. For every candle sold, Kahale donates to a charity that supports children living in poverty and keeps them off the streets.

“Every brand should have a purpose and give something back to society. We always wanted to make a difference with our scented candles and are proud of what we have achieved.” says Tobias, one of the founders of Kahale London. “From day one, every decision we made took into account what impact it will have on the environment. We had to consult with dozens of suppliers and made sure their business ethics align with Kahale London. It was a long road, but we are finally where we wanted to be”.

Fighting plastic-pollution

Plastic pollution is a huge problem, not just in the home decor industry and brands have responsibility to change this. While larger organisations are not doing enough to reduce their impact on the environment, projects like Kahale offer a welcome alternative to other mainstream products. 

Kahale Candles are this year’s must-have addition to any candle collection and you are going to love the sophisticated scents. 

The candles are £52 and ship internationally. Get yours at:

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