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Heero gives you the ability to monitor and remotely disable any electronic device (including 3D printers)- no matter where you are – from any smart device.

kickstarterHeero is the brainchild of Australia of Guzu Inventions, a design studio based in Australia. Tim Mobbs, CEO and Founder of the studio said in its press release,” Heero came to fruition because we were tired of consistently not being able to leave our printers run while away from the office. Heero solves a time, power and material wastage probable that prototyping and DIY’ers have experienced frequently.” Heero is scheduled to go in production in the Fall of 2016 but to keep the price of the final product as low as possible, Guzu is raising funds on Kickstarter, the crowdfunding platform.

Check the progress of your 3D printer from a distance

At Guzu they are aware how annoying it is when your 3D prints aren’t going as planned. When your 3D printer is printing you don’t have to be there anymore the entire time, they came up with a great solution. If your printer is making mistakes you can stop your printer from a distance so you don’t waster power and material. Hero can save a lot of time you can see through the Hero camera what is going on with your 3d printer in real time.

Live stream captured on your smartphone

Besides switching on and off electronic devices you can also use the microphone & speaker that is integrated on any Heero device. Let’s say you want to talk to your kids that are fighting you can intervene by speaking through the microphone. The live stream is captured on your smartphone and you can easily speak to your baby, pets, family or children from any location.

Guzu creates products, items & thingy’s. Guzu are experts in all things awesome. Their studio opened two months ago and they already have an amazing customer base. Obviously they are filling a need in the business community. They have a clear vision when it comes to helping their potential customers and believe a complimentary team that shares a common vision is part of their success.

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