Support a School How to Host a Successful Fundraiser


School budgets are seemingly becoming smaller with every passing year. Parents can, however, take their children’s education into their own hands with a school fundraiser. If you have never launched an event before, you might not know where to start. Find out how to host a successful school fundraiser.

Rent an Inflatable Obstacle Course

You need and want people to attend. Therefore, finding something that’s exciting and fun is a must. For optimal engagement though, you need to find a way to please both parents and kids alike; hiring an inflatable obstacle course can be the ideal choice, as it allows both enjoyment and healthy competition for everyone interested. It will not be your average school fundraiser! Find out more about an obstacle course rental for your school fundraiser.

Ask Local Businesses for Donations

Do you want to host a silent auction or raffle? However, to do so, you will need items to present to attendees. For this reason, you should reach out to local businesses for donations of their products or services, which you could auction to guests. Many local businesses might be happy to donate goods to boost their brand awareness, and you will receive fantastic items for the event. It is a win-win.

Accept Online Donations Before and After the Event

Would you like to raise money before you have even hosted the event? Make a profit immediately by allowing the community to make donations prior to the fundraiser. Create a donation method, such as an online donation page, which will allow people from across the community to donate cash to the school, which is ideal if they cannot physically attend an event. Also, maximize the profit by providing longer donation periods, so the community can tell their family and friends about the fundraiser, which could help to accumulate more funds.

Ask Students to Create Fundraising Items

Parents will be more likely to spend money if they know the items for sale have been created by the students, as it can add emotional significance to the event. For this reason, you should encourage students to create items their parents would happily buy, such as artwork or cakes. It is an effective way to increase your sales, so you can make a big difference to the school.

Promote the Event on Social Media

Social media could help you to spread the word about the upcoming school fundraiser across your local community. Leverage your connections at the school by asking parents, teachers, and staff to share the event on their social media pages, which will broaden your reach. You should also create a social media event page on Facebook, so people can confirm their attendance. As a result, you can estimate how many people might attend the fundraiser.

Have you launched a successful school fundraiser? Share your tried and tested tactics by posting a comment below.

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