Supercar: Lamborghini Huracan

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Can the Lamborghini Huracan live up to its hype?

Sleek and sharp might be the first two words that pop into mind when you see this luxury supercar. Lamborghini has come out with the Huracan, which is considered the new Gallardo. They hope this vehicle will ultimately be the new replacement of their best-selling car of its line. They are looking for Huracan to repeat this success.

So can the Lamborghini Huracan live up to its hype? Compared to its older siblings this car is 10% lighter and 50% torsionally stiffer.  With new advancements in car engineering this car can really kick into gear and is as quick as its Aventador big brother.

With this impressive handling, this supercar is also is very pleasing to the eyes. It is a sharp looking car on the road with its impeccable designed lines that skim the road.  It is one handsome machine.  The interior is even better, as it was made focus to become more simplistic and less claustrophobic than its predecessors in the past have been.

The Huracan is a sophisticated car that is now faster and much easier to drive.  The design of this car is easy on the eyes making sure that it will live up to the hype that it brings.

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