Super Ingredients Of Jataa Hair Oil That Makes It An Ayurvedic Elixir For Hair


You’d be lying if you said- My hair care cabinet is not populated with chemical-laden products! From hair gels and hair wax to shampoos and serums, men do resort to these chemically-oriented products to stylize and optimize their hair. However, unbeknownst to them, these common hair products are damaging their hair. But, not anymore! To cater to men’s unique hair needs, Jataa Ayurveda has introduced the brand new Jataa hair oil. Made with an all-ayurvedic formula, this hair oil not only protects your hair from various ailments but also enhances overall hair and scalp health.


Does the Jataa hair oil contain any chemical components? Well, a big NO! This ayurvedic oil is made with the power of plants. With inspiration from Ayurveda’s wellness gurus and some inputs from ancient samhitas, the experts at Jataa Ayurveda designed a special herbal formula for men’s hair needs. Packed in the form of an ayurvedic tonic, the Jataa hair oil ingredients are what give it a status of a potent hair elixir. To help you get an overview of it, we have listed down the super ingredients of Jataa hair oil.




Jatamansi is now hailed as Ayurveda’s long-kept secret for men’s hair woes. And this ayurvedic herb has created an immense buzz in the hair care segments. But, does it stand true? Yes! Jatamansi is packed with essential nutrients, anti-inflammatory properties, and antioxidant components, which makes it an ultimate salve for hair. This content of jatamansi optimizes your hair health and keeps it protected from various ailments, including scalp infection. The goodness of this herb also combats the common mane problem- hair fall. Moreover, one can use jatamansi for hair growth stimulation.




Neeli is a common ayurvedic ingredient used in hair oils. This herb enhances the texture of your hair and contributes to maintaining it in tip-top form. Also, neeli is essential for optimizing your scalp health as it combats various types of scalp infections. Nutrients present in neeli act as a superfood for the hair roots, thus stimulating healthy hair growth.




According to Ayurveda, Japa is a potent natural ingredient for enhancing your hair health. It protects your mane from external damage and also prevents dryness of the scalp and hair. Japa also boosts the production of keratin- a hair protein that is essential for healthy hair growth. Compounds of japa also contribute to follicular development thereby strengthening hair from their roots. And so, using Jataa hair oil provides you with these perks of Japa.




Another potent ingredient in Jataa hair oil is Bhringraj, owing to its medicinal properties. When you apply Jataa hair oil, the components of bhrinrgaj work effectively on the scalp, stimulating blood circulation on the surface. This activates weaker hair follicles and promotes rich hair growth. Also, it treats various hair problems such as thinning hair and scalp infections.


So, these were the four super ingredients of Jataa hair oil which make it an ultimate ayurvedic elixir for hair. Do give it a try!


For more information on men’s mane issues, do visit Jataa Ayurveda.

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