Summer Camping Hacks to Keep You Feeling Comfortable Throughout Your Trip

summer camping hacks

Most of us spend the majority of our time indoors. Whether we are at work, at home, at the gym, or meeting our friends at a restaurant, the truth is that the modern age we live in simply forces us to live inside of our offices, houses, etc. That is why we should try to use most of every moment of free time and spend it in nature. One of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors is to go camping.

No matter if you have been going camping for years or if this is going to be your first trip, this is an amazing way of spending your holidays in the summer. However, you should always be careful and prepared when going on a camping trip, especially in the hot weather. We bring you a few hacks so that you feel comfortable while camping and get the best experience.

Pick the right campground

Take into consideration a few campsites and see which one works the best for you and your friends. For example, you may want to take your dog with you, thus, you should get informed to see if the location offers pet accommodation. Moreover, some campgrounds have electricity and drinking water, as well as outdoor showers, while others don’t, which can make a big difference for some people.

If your camping friends plan to spend a few days at the camp, enjoying a good barbecue and playing fun games, you should make sure that your camping location has enough grilling stations. Generally speaking, you should check in advance whether the campground you choose has all the perks that you and your friends want and need. This way, you will avoid many unnecessary troubles.

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Pack the right wardrobe

Although the temperatures are quite high in the summer, you want clothes that will cover your skin so that you are protected from sun exposure and insects. Lightweight materials such as cotton or linen will help you stay cool and will absorb the sweat. Go for long-sleeved shirts, tees, hoodies, as well as wide-leg trousers. Cargo pants are amazing because of the practical pockets, but you should also pack swimwear in case you go for a swim (just make sure that the location is safe for swimming).

Don’t forget to wear a proper hat, sunglasses, as well as the right footwear. Opt for cotton socks and bring a few pairs, as you will need to change them frequently in order to keep your feet dry. Another great option are lightweight wool socks, which are both cozy and keep the feet warm.

Prepare your safety/survival kit

One of the reasons camping is so attractive for many people is because of the adventure it represents and the excitement it brings. However, even on this occasion, you want to be prepared and equipped with essentials. A tent is obligatory, but because of the hot weather, you may want to go for a canvas one which will let the airflow inside. You also want to carry equipment such as one or two of the practical OTF automatic knives that will come in handy in many instances but will also make you feel extra safe.

These kinds of small knives are great for camping, as you can carry them in your rucksack or even in the pocket of your trousers or jacket, yet they represent a very helpful tool. Besides this, you want to pack a few blankets, as well as flashlights, batteries, matches, insect repellents, and a first aid kit. To get the most out of the outdoors in the summer, bring a hammock so that you and your friends can enjoy some refreshing afternoon naps in nature. However, the list doesn’t end here. You will need to pack for any activities you plan on engaging in while in the great outdoors. This can include hiking, stargazing, or even hunting if that’s your hobby of choice. Failure to prepare means that you might find your outdoor experience lacking. So, for example, if hunting is on the agenda, remembering to include your crossbow and any replacement strings and cables, of which you can explore more here, is crucial to ensure an exciting adventure.
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Keep it cool

Camping is one of the most affordable ways for one to travel and create amazing memories. Still, you may want to invest a bit to make the experience even better and buy a portable camping fridge or a cool box. This will prove to be of extreme importance to you and your friends when the temperatures reach the peak and you crave a cold soda or a beer. Even more, you can store certain foods in the fridge, keeping the food cool and out of reach of insects and animals. You can even prepare for a hiking trip and put water bottles in the cool box the night before. What is more, if you want to have a good night’s sleep, a cute fleece blanket will be the perfect material that will keep you cozy, but not too warm, when sleeping. If you prefer a sleeping bag, opt for quality ones that are made specifically for camping in the summer.

To sum up, we can say that camping in the summer is a one-of-a-kind experience that represents a great detox from everyday urban life. You don’t need a considerable budget to plan it, just some free time and positive energy to bring on the trip. Follow the above-mentioned advice and you and your friends are guaranteed to have the best time ever.

Written by Mike Johnston

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