Styling Your Two Piece Sets For Any Occasion

Sometimes, outfit pairing can be the cause of not having any clothes to wear when you’ve got tons of outfits in your wardrobe. If this sounds familiar to you – You’re standing in front of your wardrobe with no idea of what to wear with your fave crop top or tube top, and you do not also want to opt for your regular denim pants because you feel you’ve worn them too much, then you’ve got Good News! The two piece sets might be the way out of this issue.

Two piece outfits are also known as matching sets, co-ords, or coordinating sets. They are typically two outfits – a top cloth and bottoms in matching colors, prints, or patterns that you can easily strap on without wondering what clothes can go with them. Once you’ve got your shoes and a nice pair of shoes, you’re ready to step out.

When you’ve got an important event to dress up for but don’t know what to wear because you didn’t plan your outfit, two piece sets will save you the distress you’re about to face. Running late for work but your busy schedule didn’t let you plan or mix and match your clothes and accessories to see what fits? Don’t worry, next time you’re shopping, remember to get matching sets.

Better still, you can visit SunsetFashionLA. They’re an online clothing store with co-ord sets that get you looking put together with the least effort. You’d definitely find the style you love over there. Now you’ve found where to get your two piece clothes, let’s get to making the highest impact on them with the styling tips below.

Wearing The Different Styles Of Two Piece Sets

Because of the minimal efforts required to create a stunning look in two piece sets, here are the different ways you can style the collection even better to steal all those eye-catching moments. Not just for work or important events, there are varieties of silhouettes you can try for even lounging at home.

Styling Two Piece Sets For Work

Has there ever been a time when you really wanted to don a blazer with pants to recreate that boss babe vibes you see from your fave celebrities but didn’t pull the look off successfully? A well-structured pantsuit is all it takes to get the look right. Any solid colors or bold prints of the power suit can easily give you the feeling that you can take on the world.

Asides from the classic pantsuits, there are also blazers and skirt combos that can instantly make you look stylish and professional. You can choose to stand out in beige or keep it understated with a chic white ensemble. The fun part – you can turn your fascinating suit into a cute date night outfit by switching the blazers for a thrilling bralette or silk blouse. You can wear the blazer for your date if you want to keep the style authentic.

How To Style Two Piece Sets For Formal Events

For formal events like weddings, you can easily dress up your matching sets. A floral print top and maxi skirt are a great way to rock your bridesmaid outfit this wedding season. To tie the look together, wear a sleek low bun with delicate earrings. The crop top and ankle-length skirt set featuring a thigh-high slit give the right mix of sexy and elegance.

Not a fan of skirts, go for the crop top and palazzo pants sets. If your dress shade is solid, you can add a pop of color to your accessories. To complete your look, a nice tuck or side-parted hairstyle with dainty gold jewelry offers that adventurous feeling you need to have with the confidence already building up inside you.

Styling Two Piece Sets For Parties

A crop strapless top with sultry cutouts or bandeau style tops and a matching mini skirt is well-defined for parties. If prints, stripes, checks, or monochrome colors aren’t fun enough for you, opt for sequins. You can wear your bright sparkly sets to capture all the attention and stand out even with the gawky glances.

Beach Wear and Vacation Sets

The silhouette modifications of crop tops with flowy skirts or flared pants are fast becoming the crowd’s favorites for relaxation moments. Not only are they popular vacation wardrobe choices, but they also allow you to embrace the free spirit of the locale. A hat and shoulder bag are dreamy compliments to your two piece silhouette.

Two Piece Leisurewear

A two-piece sweat suit is a winner when it comes to upping your stay-at-home style game. A matching cropped sweatshirt and fitted sweatpants or pair of women’s joggers are some comfy options on everyone’s wish lists.  To transform your dreamy leisurewear into a going-out outfit, throw on some heels and jewelry.

The Wardrobe Staples You Currently Need

For the office chic who wants to step up the boring looks with a little more fun yet elegant staples, the summer-casual lady that loves to look put together in florals and bright colors, or the work-from-home mom tired of looking messy in scruffy clothes, investing in two piece sets are all you need to look charming with endless possibilities.

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