Style trends that will be everywhere this fall

Saying goodbye to the summer always hurts a bit and often has to be done way too soon. The temptation to withdraw for hibernation is great but the fall and winter trends make up for a lot. Promised.

One look at the fall and winter trends 2020/2021 and your longing for a cocktail slowly gives way to the craving for a red wine. We go from feet in the sand to feet in sturdy boots. And the flowy summer dresses make way for warm cardigans. The bikinis go in the closet and our sunglasses can be removed. So you see, there is plenty to look forward to in the coming months. Are you curious about what the rest of the winter fashion 2020/2021 will look like? Here is a list of beautiful winter trends for you.


Are you missing some romance in your life? Or can it never be romantic enough for you? Then ruffles are exactly what you need this fall and winter. We see them on blouses and skirts in the iro clothing winter collection, which gives them an elegant flair. You can further enhance the romance in your outfit by combining such a blouse with a midi or maxi skirt, but in combination with a suit or jeans you give the whole thing a more rugged vibe.

Classic check

A fashion trend that we will see a lot: tweed, checks, scarves, pied-de-poule. And that fits perfectly in the neo-bourgeois trend. This time it’s as classic as it gets. So no hassle with large, crazy or striking colors but modest neutral tones. Think: blazers with checks, a silk or satin scarf, tweed trousers. Or a trouser suit completely in tweed! You can make this trend as you want. You can also add nice accents: a check scarf for example.


There is a comeback of pearls: just think of the nice hair clips with pearls that you suddenly see in recent months. And a lot of antique and vintage jewelry with pearls are becoming popular again. So you can certainly wear a pearl necklace, pins with pearls, make-up with a pearl shine there is so much choice!

Oversized shoulders

The shoulder pads – which we have been seeing regularly for a season or two now – are back. This trend seems to come straight from the 80s and even though we had vowed not to be tempted to wear huge shoulder pads and puff sleeves anymore: the fall trends of 2021 have made us change. And let us be wrong. With such shoulders we can give the final push to our struggle for equality.

Color blocking

Pink with red. Purple with green. Orange with blue. Fall fashion will be colorful when we look at the catwalk images. Color blocking, in other words: creating different color blocks in your outfit. How do you do it? Simple: choose your favorite colors and stack them on top of each other in the shape of clothes like a kind of fashionable Tetris game. It is important that you go for plain garments to achieve the best result. Prints can quickly change your outfit from on trend to mismatched.

The belt’s comeback

The belt is really not only practical. It is also very on trend. And so it can be seen. Preferably in your waist where you keep the many layers you wear. Perfect to create a nice hourglass figure.

Lots of cardigans

Do you get cold fast in the winter? Then the cardigan is the trend to follow this fall and winter. Because the cardigan is on trend, and not just a bit. You wear it oversized and nice and casual – but not too much. Because the danger with a vest is that it quickly becomes a bit good. So combine it with leather pants. Instead of jeans and wear a cropped top underneath instead of a T-shirt. Worried about losing your waist? Then tie the vest together with a waist belt.

Swinging sixties

The 60s and 70s remain immensely popular and a great source of inspiration for major designers. I have to have become devoted to flared trousers, large sunglasses, polo collars and a hint of suede. I love to carry them on for another season or three.

Winter white

Whether we will have a white winter this year? When it comes to fashion, yes! Cold or not cold, the streets turn white if it is up to fashion designers. White, creamy white, off white. All shades are allowed, as long as it is white or close to white. In addition to white sneakers, you see white boots and white coats on the runway shows.

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