Style Guide: 3 Looks a la Rihanna You Need to Steal

Every once in a while, it’s good to get some fashion inspiration to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and add some new flavor to your outfits. It’s especially good when you’re getting this inspiration from one of the biggest fashion icons in the world, Rihanna. The 31-year-old superstar has a one-of-a-kind style that always pushes the limits of fashion. In 2017, she launched her luxury fashion company, Fenty Beauty, which immediately became one of the most prominent fashion brands in the world. Despite her extremely versatile style, all of her outfits exude power, confidence, and sophistication. Here, we cover three of our favorite Rihanna looks that you need to make your own right now!

  • A New Take on Pearl Jewelry

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One of the aspects that makes Rihanna such a brilliant mind in fashion is her ability to take classic pieces of clothing or jewelry and style them in exciting new ways. Despite typically being considered a more traditional gemstone, Rihanna has been able to style pearl jewelry to complement fashion-forward outfits. Instead of classic pearl jewelry pieces, Rihanna usually opts for more unique jewelry such as stacked pearl chokers, boho-chic pearl rings, and sleek Tahitian pearl bracelets. In the past, she’s also been seen one-off pearl accessories such as pearl-embellished sunglasses, as well as a silk hand fan decorated with pearls (which you can also create using loose pearls). Find a pearl jewelry piece that you absolutely love, then use it to add a dash of class and elegance to outfits that you usually wouldn’t think of wearing pearls with—the results are truly mesmerizing.

  • Off-The-Shoulder Tops

Whether it’s a shirt with a collar that is flared out, a denim jacket that is worn loosely below the shoulders, or an oversized dress that is tugged back, off-the-shoulder tops have certainly been at the top of Rihanna’s wardrobe favorites this year. Off-the-shoulder tops and dresses reveal the shoulders and collarbone, which is a great way to add a sexy touch that is extremely fashionable. Whether or not it’s a result of Rihanna popularizing this look, many designers are including off-the-shoulder tops in the Fall/Winter 2019 collections, so make sure you steal this look before it becomes a fully-fledged trend in the coming months.

  • Futuristic Shades

If you’re Rihanna, the only good thing about being chased by paparazzi all day might be the fact that you get to wear sunglasses day and night. Rihanna boasts an unbelievable collection of exquisite sunglasses that are nothing like the aviators or wayfarers that you’re used to seeing. These edgy, futuristic shades are extremely unique and work with a variety of different outfits. For many people, these types of sunglasses might seem like they might be too out there, but rest assured that after a couple of days of wearing them, you won’t want to take them off. By opting for a pair of these glasses, you’re creating your own signature look and taking a fashion risk that will pay off big.

For years, Rihanna has been at the forefront of fashion. She never shies away from wearing a bold ensemble, which is the primary reason her style is considered fearless and full of confidence. Whether she’s headed to the Met Gala, the Grammys, or Paris Fashion Week, one thing is certain—she will always be one of the best dressed people in attendance. Without question, taking some fashion notes from Rihanna can freshen up your own style. Each of the three Rihanna looks that we covered above are simple and easy ways to make sure that you’re looking your best. With all that said, we want to know—which one of these looks is your favorite?

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