Stunning alternatives to a diamond engagement ring

If you are looking for engagement rings in Hong Kong, the first thing that comes to mind is probably a diamond ring. After all, we have all come to associate diamonds with this precious piece of jewellery. However, the truth is that this is just one of many options that are available. Here are some alternatives that are worth considering:

1. A Knot – If your partner is someone who prefers classic and simple styles of jewellery, a knot engagement ring is ideal. It also has a beautiful meaning and aptly represents you and your partner tying the knot. This design is also a popular choice of wedding ring as opposed to an engagement ring.

2. A Meaningful Gemstone – Instead of looking for diamond rings in Hong Kong, why not select a gemstone that has a special meaning to you and your partner? It could be something that beautifully conveys the connection you share, or it could be a stone you know she adores. Here are some of the most breath-taking gemstones to consider:




Agate – This gemstone represents strength, protection and truth.


Apatite – Apatite boasts a beautiful meaning – a blend of the old and the new, while it is also a symbolization of communication, which is, of course, key in any marriage.




Aquamarine – Not only is aquamarine a striking shade of blue, but it is thought to provide protection and give people the courage to overcome fears.





Blue Topaz – Blue topaz is associated with integrity, gentleness, friendship and fidelity.





Garnet – Garnet is an alluring shade of red, which symbolises devotion and passionate commitment.




Onyx – Onyx is a gemstone that is associated with perseverance and determination. It is believed to deflect the negativity of others.





Opal – Opal boasts a beautiful meaning; it is associated with spontaneity, creativity, inspiration, passion, and, most importantly, love.





Pearl – Pearls are ideal for women who like elegant and classic jewellery styles while they also symbol purity, harmony and grace.








Rose Quartz – This gemstone symbolises calm, peace and gentle love. It is also thought to heal emotional wounds and remove negativity.





Ruby – Ruby is a stunning shade of red and is perfect for an engagement ring because it symbolises love and the opening of the heart.



Turquoise – If your partner is also your best friend, turquoise is a beautiful choice.

3. Family Heirloom – Perhaps you have a special ring or piece of jewellery that has been passed down over the years? It could be the ring your father gave to your mother? Or, maybe it is a beautiful necklace your grandfather gave your grandmother? If the ring does not fit your girlfriend’s finger, you can always have it resized, and if the piece of jewellery is a necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings, you can have the gemstones removed and put into a new setting.

By going down the custom made route, you can have an engagement ring created that is perfect for your partner. You can incorporate any gemstone(s) or design that you like, and your partner is assured to appreciate the extra effort you have gone to. Haywards specialise in custom engagement rings in Hong Kong. They are one of the leading bespoke jewellers, boasting a stunning assortment of gemstones, an extensive amount of experience and an impeccable reputation. Their experts will be able to provide you with some further suggestions for a beautiful and unique engagement ring.

Author Bio:

Lauren Key

Lauren Key is an experienced GIA qualified jewellery professional at Haywards of Hong Kong, bespoke jewellery provider that established in 2006 to bring the highest levels of British bespoke service to the Asian market

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