Stuff In The House That Might Be Worth A Lot More Than You Think

If you’re like most families, then your home is going to accumulate quite a lot of stuff over the years. If you’re feeling uncharitable, you might be ready to call most of it junk. However, if there are some items that you’ve held onto for particularly long, be they heirlooms, old thrift store buys, or otherwise, then you might be sitting on something more valuable than you think. What kind of items are we talking about?

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Older magazines

Magazines are so often looked at as a simple disposable good that it can be surprising that they have any value at all. Usually, these magazines have to be pretty well-known, such as national publications, as well as pretty old, usually around four decades if not more, to fetch you any kind of price worth keeping them for. However, if you find a stack of old magazines anywhere in the home, then it might be worth looking at how much they could fetch you online. There are a lot of people interested in this kind of ephemera that wasn’t designed to last but has made it through the years anyway.

Art and ornaments

There is so much visual art created just for the home that most of us are going to assume that there isn’t much value to any of them. However, unless you know for certain that a piece you have is mass-presented and fairly common, you shouldn’t simply discard it and assume that it’s worth nothing. Instead, it might be worth getting in touch with teams that run art auctions and they might be able to offer a valuation on your piece. Usually, they can give you an immediate answer as to whether an item is as cheap as you expect or might be something rarer with a simple emailed photo.

Vinyls of all types

If you’re a music lover, then it shouldn’t be a surprise that there are vinyls that can be a lot more valuable than they first look. Not only are there going to be classics and first-prints that have become vanishingly rare over time, but many bands and artists today will still release limited runs that are at least good at maintaining their existing value if not building new value over time. It’s easy to check the worth of vinyls online, nowadays, too.

Old videogames and peripherals

Perhaps you have some lifelong gamers in the home or you might be one yourself or at least used to be when you had more free time. More than any other kind of digital media, gaming is a hobby that puts a lot of value on older games, especially those that have had a limited run. If you have an old copy of Kuon, or even more recent games like the rare physical version of Fortnite, you might be surprised how much value you’re sitting on. Take out the old collection and see if any of them match the list here on.

If you think you have an item that could be worth some money, it’s important ot get it valuated before you start trying to sell it, in many cases.

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