Study Tips for Student Nurses

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Going to nursing school is a very honorable decision, but there is no denying that studying to become a nurse is a challenging experience. It doesn’t have to take long though if you are looking to change careers and already have a degree in another field, as there are accelerated nursing programs in PA that will allow you to get your nursing degree in only fifteen months. However, on top of their studies, student nurses are usually also expected to work in a hospital or clinical healthcare setting to gain work experience, and many will also have personal work and family commitments to take care of, too. The good news is that even if you have begun to feel a little overwhelmed by nursing school, you can do it with the right amount of planning and preparation. Here are some top tips to help you manage better at nursing school.

Study Online

Did you know that you can study for almost any nursing degree, including a nurse practitioner doctorate degree, online from a range of reputable colleges and nursing schools? Studying online is a great choice for many student nurses, as it gives them much more flexibility and the option to plan their own studies around their daily schedule, rather than having to adjust their lives to fit their degree. Online nursing degrees can also save you money; on average, online students pay around a third less than those studying on-campus. Plus, there is also the option of taking online PALS and ACLS courses which can also help you extend your medical knowledge.

Get a Study Group Together

When you are studying to become a nurse, it’s important to understand that all of your classmates are likely to be in the same or a similar situation to you. And, since studies have shown that studying with peers can actually improve the learning experience, forming a study group is an excellent idea. If you’re an online student, meeting up with other students from your BSN to DNP online degree can help to improve the social aspect of studying online, too.

Set Aside Daily Study Time

Even if you have a particularly busy day, setting aside just half an hour or even less to go over your notes or make a start with the required reading for your next lecture will help you to stay ahead with your studies and keep stress to a minimum. Doing just a small amount of independent study per day will make it easier for you to grasp topic ideas in class or when going through your online learning materials.

Take Breaks

Lastly, student nurses are often rushed off their feet, and taking breaks could seem like something of a luxurious pastime. However, taking regular breaks is important for your health and can actually help you to get better grades. Regularly taking a short break to get a change of scenery and stretch your legs if you have been sat studying at a desk will help to refresh and clear your mind, so that when you come back you’ll feel better and could even be able to look at your work from a fresh perspective.

Studying to be a nurse is definitely quite challenging, especially if you are taking on an advanced nursing degree. However, even the busiest of student nurses can benefit from making some simple changes to their schedule.

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