Studio Arntzen: specialized in concept development, lighting and spatial design


The importance of design nowadays is undeniable. Good lighting and carefully designed spaces improves the visual element of the place we call home and increases general enjoyment in every interior we spend so much time in. It is a well-known fact every good interior designer knows when combining different elements to create rich looking and memorable interiors – good design is a product of knowledge, skill, creativity dedication and expertise. This is especially important when talking about the most important space, our very own home.

Respecting traditional furniture making skills

One of the best studios to turn to when looking for experience, professionalism, passion and dedication in interior design is Studio Arntzen, which specializes in lighting and spatial design, following the latest space design ideas and innovative approaches, respecting traditional furniture making skills, presenting them in the most unique way. Studio Arntzen combines creativity, functionality and originality. Founded in 2009, with its primary focus on monumental light installations, Studio Arntzen is now a studio with experience. It specializes in concept development, and puts great pride in successfully completed projects for individuals, businesses, design labels and events, and for a good reason.

The mastermind Paula Arntzen

The mastermind behind this space-improving studio which is responsible for many breath-taking interiors is Dutch designer, Paula Arntzen, who is a creative and dedicated interior designer, who knows how to combine pieces of furniture and effective lighting the way that makes any space look like a masterpiece. Dedicated individual as she is, Paula studied Traditional Furniture Making at HMC in the Netherlands, which is where her story of furniture making began. She completed the Mater of Arts in ,,Design Product’’ at the Royal College of Art in London, and this speaks words.

Internationally recognized

With studio Arntzen, interior design gets a whole new, improved dimension, as Paula, whose work is internationally recognized, creates unique furniture, combining her experience, craft skills and technology, spicing up, experimenting and creating what is innovative, effective and timeless. Combining materials and textures, Studio Arntzen has light design and unique furniture making as it’s area of expertise. Modern and innovative is entwined with traditional furniture making, yet enriched with an experimental approach to lighting design, every space gets to have a distinctive identity. In other words, this is what makes this studio a place to turn to when designing our home.

Distinctive and visually rich design

Detailed lanterns and chandeliers, each and every unique and complex, are made to make every room look visually richer, more sophisticated and certainly more personalized. What is notable in the design light shop is the great love of geometrical shapes, quality of furniture pieces and richness of textures and shapes. Chandeliers made in concept development oriented studios such as Arntzen, are a combination of carefully chosen textures, colors and materials, and are distinctively dimensional. It is about making everlasting pieces of furniture that will fit in and complement the space and yet always get noticed. Practicality here is in love with aesthetic.

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