Street Fashion and the Business of Selective Style

street fashion

There is nothing like modeling to get you fired up and passionate about fashion. An obvious statement, perhaps, but it is an artistic part of life like no other. The mainstream art world may see and prove incomings and outgoings reaching the millions on a regular basis, but – though top fashion itself is not something cheap – there is something priceless about the effect of certain (sometimes iconic) items of clothing on a person. It is a sensation that seems to sound out and boast the inability to recreate it. However, as with most battle cries, not least the self-declared innovative, should a response not be given in evidential style? The public at large seems to think so.

Street Fashion and the Trend for the Homegrown

If you are a city dweller and of not unattractive (or, indeed, of unique) appearance, rare are you if you have not been “spotted” by a street style photographer wanting to adorn his website/blog with not only your face, but your choice of apparel. It’s a compliment, as simple as that. You stand, and you pose; some elect to smile. You’ve worked hard at developing your own particular sense of style over the years and to have someone of artistic bent appreciate that in so demonstrative a way makes one’s day. Nevertheless, what if you’re someone who has made those very clothes appreciated by a complete stranger with an eye for the fashionable? That sense of the complimentary then increases tenfold, of course, repaying the time spent sketching out your ideas and researching where best to buy some wholesale fabric, not to mention the actual temporal expenditure of using a sewing machine to bring into existence your stylistic vision.

Shrewd Shoppers and Stylistic Sensibilities

Nonetheless, as any person with an eye for fashion will tell you, the most successful at this street styling art are those who blend their own creations with established articles, those pieces available to purchase – indeed, the more coveted, the better. Whether it be the latest sneakers, that lusted-over handbag, or clothing seen on adored celebrities (these items, so often out of the price bracket of most, are hunted down in the “imitative” manner in stores), those who know their fashion will strive to acquire and then personalize the effect.

Fashion’s Future

What effect does this have on fashion as a mainstream business? Quite the opposite from damaging, this selecting of the particular promotes fashion’s place in everyday life. Where the shows and models striding along catwalks can seem a world apart, this ability to acquire key pieces from that seemingly separate life and blend them into the quotidian is what the stylistic art described at the beginning of this post is all about. Normal men and women with a talent apart from their daily jobs can tap into an artistic vein that usually lies just beyond reach and just for that moment, when someone with eyes open to their skill points a camera in their direction – just for that moment, those people become the stars.

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