Stock up for National Preparedness Month


Earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods…are you ready for the next one? Do you have an emergency kit for your family? Do you know if the flashlights in them will work when you need them?

Don’t worry about disposable batteries anymore. They’ll probably lose life and die on you during storage. Get a solar lantern instead.

And not just any cheap one out there. Get a high quality, yet still affordable, state-of-the-art solar LED light: The THRIVE Solar Lantern.

It’s been sold in over 15 other countries already. Over 3.5 million were shipped from our factories since 2007. This year, we launched online sales on Amazon for the first time, and campers, outdoor enthusiasts, travelers to remote parts of the world, and renewable energy enthusiasts are loving it!

How bright can our little LED light-chip get? Pretty bright! We proudly use the same LED chip invented by the recipient for the 2014 Nobel Prize for Physics.

And because the solar lantern doesn’t need separate batteries, the device is super lightweight at only 3 ounces!

At 1.5 x 8 x 11.7 inches, it is portable and small enough to pack away.

But don’t be deceived by the lightweight and portability – it is super durable and made to withstand the elements of the outdoors. The device is made of strong, ABS recycled plastics. We tested it by dropping it on cement, and running over it with a car – it still worked!

Our built-in, 0.5W solar panels are protected with lamination to make the device water-resistant. So don’t worry about it getting wet if caught in the rain. Just lay it solar panel side up under direct sun for about 6 hours to get up to 10 hours of light from it later.

More importantly, buy from us to support a cause.

There are 1.4 billion people who have to live off the electrical grid everyday. Your purchase would help sustain a socially-responsible business that was founded by a charity supporting the use of life-changing solar technology for rural villagers in the developing world.

Whether you are in a remote village, or just want to make sure your emergency supplies are stocked with reliable technology, we guarantee the quality of the THRIVE Solar Lantern. Just let us know and we will refund or replace your solar light immediately.

We are shifting our sales to customization on Zazzle soon, so stock of our solar lanterns will be limited. Get yours now for you and your loved ones and make sure you have a reliable emergency light handy in the glove compartment, emergency kits, and tool drawers.

Buy from our Amazon site now before the sale price ends!

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