Steps to dye your Brazilian hair

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For many beauty enthusiasts looking to add a touch of elegance to their hair styles, hair extensions are the best option. They come in a wide array to choose. You can either decide to purchase synthetic or human hair extensions. Brazilian Hair is an example of human hair extensions. They are tagged expensive but are more versatile as compared to synthetic hair extensions. Materials used to make synthetic hair extensions include nylon or polyester fiber that are colored and styled artificially as opposed to human hair extensions made from natural human hair.

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Did you know that one cannot dye synthetic hair extensions? But on the flipside, you can manipulate human hair extensions depending on your preference using styling tools like flat and curling irons. With the Brazilian hair extension, you can dye to match just any natural hair color. This changing makes investing in it worthwhile!

If you fancy your Brazilian hair and wish to add color to it, below is a crackdown of the tools and steps you should follow, to ensure safe and effective coloring process.

Tools you need:

Brazilian extensions.

Coloring bowl.


Hair color and developer.



Tin foil.

A properly ventilated room is vital when carrying out the process. Ensure you spread the tin foil uniformly on the table in the working space, to avoid staining! Make sure you have ample space to carry out the process with comfort. With all these preparations, you are ready to go with the dying process.

Step by step guideline of how to apply the dye.

1. The first very obvious step is purchasing the dye, gloves, and developer from a beauty store or a salon assuming you have the rest of the requirements with you. You are discouraged to buy them from a box at any drug store as it poses challenging to match the colors.

2. Your next priority is gently combing through the extensions using a wide tooth comb to ensure you get rid of any tangles. If you have any stylish products applied on your hair make sure you wash them off ahead of time before the color application. After the disentangling and washing process is over, dry your hair thoroughly to ensure a perfect process. Hair dryers are not the best choice. You are advised to allow them to dry up naturally. Most preferably the night before the process to ensure uniform drying.

3. The next step entails preparation of the hair color mixture. To ensure you protect your hands, put on gloves before this step. Ensure you follow the user preference that came along with the two main ingredients (the developer and hair color) before you mix them in the applicator bottle. You should then close the bottle and rigorously shake it to ensure thorough mixing of the chemicals.

4. After the mixture is ready, it’s now time to coat every strand of your Brazilian hair extensions with the dye. In this step, users prefer applying excessive dye to using less dye that will not be enough. You are supposed to comb through the extensions to ensure even spread of the hair color. When done with the dying process, cover your hair with a towel and make sure you have read the instructions thoroughly to know the allotted time they should stay with the covering.

5. In this step, you are expected to rinse excessive color from the extensions. Warm water is most preferred to ensure eased and faster rinsing of the color. After you get rid of all color apply conditioner to ensure even application of the conditioner and to moisturize your tresses, it is important to comb through your extensions after using the conditioner To get rid of the conditioner, wash out using cold water. This wash off helps make the hair look shiny and also seals the hair coloring.

6. After all these steps, you are supposed to dry your hair. Air drying is the most preferred method to dry as it preserves moisture and makes your hair look shiny. For those that love fastened activities. A diffuser or a hair dryer in this step could come in handy with no major effects to ensure your Brazilian hair is well dried.

These steps are simple and accurate. They are the best remedy to making your hair adapt a brand new look and ensure you look classy with your fabulous looking tresses!

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