Steal Their Style – Celebs & Rimowa Luggage

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Rimowa has become something of a style legend when it comes to luggage, and is definitely a brand that is seen as part of the jet set lifestyle! Rimowa’s iconic aluminium grooved luggage is one of the most recognisable suitcase looks to those in the know about travel style, and so as you might expect, it has picked up a large celebrity following, with stars of all different ages and backgrounds regularly seen passing through airports with their Rimowa cases, probably on their way to glamorous events or filming engagements!

Some of Rimowa Luggage’s Celebrity Fans

Rimowa has proven itself to have extremely classic design by appealing to just about every genre of celebrity. While some brands are chosen only by the flashiest modern stars, by glamorous actresses, or by older, credible celebrities, Rimowa spans across all tastes.

Hollywood A Listers and Rimowa

Consider the beautiful and incredibly popular Hollywood actress Jessica Alba. Generally considered to be one of the most attractive women in the industry, Jessica Alba is known for her roles in a wide range of movies, like Machete and The Fantastic Four. As well as being a Hollywood star, she’s also a mother, and has a busy lifestyle that keeps her on her toes. Jessica is not only regularly snapped using her Rimowa Topas luggage, but also loves the brand so much she even attended their star studded Beverly Hills store opening!

Fashionable Musicians

Will.I.Am is one of the biggest names in 21st century pop music. As a member of the Black Eyed Peas, he has found incredible success as an artist, and has also featured on a wide array of collaborations with stars like Cheryl Cole. As well as producing and performing, he is also one of the judges and mentors on TV’s ‘The Voice’ in America, and is a household name the world over. Will.I.Am, like Jessica Alba, loves his Rimowa luggage, and makes great use of it as he travels the world making music!

Television’s Hottest Stars

It is well documented that TV is becoming a bigger and more credible medium of entertainment than even the movies. As people continue their love affair with the small screen, TV’s stars are becoming some of the best loved actors and actresses in the industry, and so many people are keen to emulate their style. One of the biggest TV shows ever to grace our screens was, of course, Breaking Bad, and while it concluded almost two years ago, the stars who made it so special still hold huge appeal. Aaron Paul, who played one of the show’s stars, Jesse Pinkman, is another celebrity Rimowa fan, as is Krysten Ritter who played his ill fated girlfriend Jane. Ritter is also known for her sitcom appearances, and Aaron Paul has also appeared in movies.

These are just some of the big name stars who use Rimowa luggage as a regular part of their lifestyles. If you want to steal their style, then the best thing to do is arm yourself with some beautiful Rimowa suitcases!

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