Stay Beautiful Inside and Out

We all strive to lead a healthier lifestyle, and statistics would suggest that as we’re all living longer, we’re managing to do just that. But it can sometimes be difficult to stay focussed, and sustain good changes to our fitness and diet in order to be our best selves. A new fitness regime is all well and good, but only if we make it a lifestyle change and stick to it. The same can be said of our diets – we all like a treat, we just need to make sure we limit those treats! Once our physical selves are in order, our mental health will see improvement too. Here are some tips to keep yourself in tip top condition, with beauty radiating from the inside out!


Getting the balance right is key. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables and cut out as much processed food as you can. The greener the vegetable the better, and the more snacks you can switch out to fruit or vegetables will see an improvement in your complexion, your toilet routine and your overall health. Hydration is vital too, so try and drink more water; switch a coffee or two throughout the day for water – you can always jazz it up by adding some fruit or a dash of lemon juice.


Choose an exercise regime that will work in the long term. If you’re not up for joining a gym, then the easiest way to start is walking. Take short trips on foot or a bike rather than the car.

For a positive mind-set you could incorporate Yoga or Pilates into your day. This will help keep you supple, and meditation is a powerful tool if you’re prone to stress or anxiety.


Finding time to enjoy hobbies can be difficult, particularly at a time when we all work long hours, and have homes to run. But hobbies can be therapeutic, and needn’t take up too much time. For the multitaskers among you, you could even practice a hobby in the home. That hour or two before bedtime can often be spent sat in front of the TV, so why not take up needlework or something similar while you’re watching?

For the go getters among you who like something a little less sedate, why not tick off some bucket list wishes. Take a trip to an activity park and have a go at go karting, archery or clay pigeon shooting. Maybe 4×4 off-roading is more your thing. Still too sedate? Why not book a skydive? Incorporated with charity, you could kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Raising money for a worthy cause will give you a real feeling of accomplishment; food for the soul!

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