Starting Your Own French Patio And Garden


We all know that France is a bit of a twilight zone country when it comes to weather. The nation should be considered part of the Mediterranean family because it’s next door neighbors are Italy and Spain. Yet it’s not. It should be considered part of Western Europe then because it’s closest neighbors are the United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. However it doesn’t quite fit in that hole either. It really is a kind of mixture of both worlds. This is why the French garden styles is so popular around the world. It can prepare for both the rain and the sunshine. It’s a place made to hangout and get some peace and quiet while also holding parties with family and friends. It’s quite stylish as well, it’s not just practical. Of course this is the way it is, because it’s French. The French love to be stylish with almost everything they do, so they have injected a unique approach to their own garden and patios. And, if you would love to have experts transform your patio and garden into a mesmerizing place from fairytales, make sure to check out these whole home remodeling contractors!

A darker but stylish tone

Unlike many other patios in the world, the French have found a way to make darker tones much more stylish. You wouldn’t think to do this because well, lighter colors are much more welcoming and they are more adaptable to different weather. However, black patio furniture in French gardens is actually very popular. Lattice black garden dining furniture is a very subtle yet chic addition to your patio. The lattice furniture allows the seating to cope with your weight better. It slightly dips and so melts the shape of your body into its structure. The black goes well with stone patios as well as decking. You can picture a red glass of wine sat on top of a black lattice dining table when you think of the South of France.

However to offset this darker tone to your patio, you can add various flowers to the mix. White flowers will break up the heavy monotone look that black furniture often gives. Consider putting the flowers in a vase and having it as the centerpiece. You can also plant brighter flowers all around your patio or have various plant pots that have flowers like tulips and daffodils standing tall.

A square plant row

The French garden has many different aspects that set it apart from the other kinds of patios that you find in the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and America. For one thing unlike plant rows that are straight you will find squares of plants. This essentially is a row of plants linked in a square and another square inside that square. This can go on multiple times until you have a smaller and smaller square inside. It’s quite simple but you can add so much to it. Everything is in one place so it’s easy to look after, feed and water. However you need to place a border around the edge and between each square.

First start off by clearing a small patch in your garden where you can built this. You should then begin by choosing the border stone that you want. White garden stones are a great material to make the border. They’re also very pliable so you can move them around into places you want them easily. They also allow the rain to seep through and the allow the plants to get the extra strength they need. It’s wise to plant one kind of plant per square and then another inside that square. Just like your dining table the square also needs a centerpiece. This can be a tall statue or some kind of plant in a large vase. It should sprout higher above the plants and flowers so it’s easily distinguishable and adds energy to the whole arrangement.

The entrance outward

Patios are another room essentially, except they don’t have four walls and they’re not inside the home. It’s a bit strange but they are considered part of the home decor and style. The interior direction of the patio must therefore reflect a particular style as one. Therefore the entrance or rather exit out of the house and into the patio should also be in the French garden style. A french door installer can help to replace your patio door. But what kind of windows and doors would stay true to this? Well, French patio doors of course.  The doors have an arch each, the glass is in squares and or rectangles as are the frames around them. The upper arch can be a window in and of itself if you want. Take a look at the manufacturing process to see that these doors are made from high quality materials and despite the abundant usage of glass, they are quite strong.

The doors will be in a sheer white but to offset this the handles should be black. This is a small but very important detail. Most other patio doors will use stainless steel or polished brass. However the handles will be covered in a matte finish. This allows them to be matching with the patio furniture. You will have black chairs, dining table and door handles. It’s a little bit of style continuity that the most skilled eyes will appreciate.

There’s always clay

In a French garden there is always some kind of item that is made out of clay. Keep it simple and stick to the convention by buying a large clay plant vase from white you can plant something special. This clay vase should have a kind of clamshell design around the entire body. It should have a square base however so it can have some stability. This allows you to place it on grass if you wish. Rather than white it should be in a cream color. This is a small hint of the South of France as it’s right up close to the sunny Mediterranean. Very subtle things like this are what complete the French garden.

Black dining table, chairs and lounge chairs are what the classic French garden style has. It can be offset by bright and vibrant flowers all around the garden. However you should also consider getting a clay centerpiece to add a definitive finish to your garden.

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