Spicing up Your Indoor Design: Have You Seen These 4 Stylish Bathtubs?

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Renovating your bathroom makes for a perfect opportunity to mix functionality with style. Most people seem to share the opinion that a bathtub can be either stylish or functional, but not both. However, with the short reviews we’ve prepared for you, we’re going to convince you this is far from being the case. All of the bathtub models are some of the best-selling items, and it’s for a good reason.

  1. American Standard Evolution Bathtub

The fiberglass-reinforced acrylic material it’s made from gives it the robust structure that will make it withstand heavy-duty use without any problems. Its dual armrests push it over the top in the comfort department, and it was designed with style in mind. In fact, it’s more than likely to fit right in, no matter what type of furniture you have around.

To solidify the point we’ve made above, this particular model comes in the following colors: linen, white, bone, arctic white. As a cherry on top, it’s not expensive at all, meaning it will likely fit any budget.

  1. Kohler Archer Bathtub

If you’re looking for the best ratio between price and value, Kohler Archer bathtub is just the thing you need. It has a low step-over height and it’s designed for long soaking sessions, meaning you will stay comfortable even after spending long hours lying inside. If your knees, back, or ankles are giving you trouble, the great thing about this particular model is that it’s not that hard to enter, but at the same time, provides more than enough space for taking long baths.

The slotted overflow allows for a deeper soak. The arm rests offer additional support for your arms, and the lumbar support is there to relieve the strain on your back. Due to how the bottom layer is designed, you won’t have to worry about slipping. Finally, this bathtub offers you plenty of colors to choose from, so it won’t be hard to match it up with its surroundings.

  1. Kardiel Caracalla Bathtub

If you’re trying to get the most out of the space you have available, it’s a good idea to buy an elegant freestanding tub. This bathtub is a bit raised on the one end, which allows for comfortable soaking sessions (you may not be able to resist the temptation to doze off for a little bit).

Its heat-retentive properties are something that set it apart from the competition. Finally, due to its relatively small horizontal length, it’s a great fit for those who want to conserve as much space as possible.

  1. Spa World Venzi Rectangular Soaking Walk-in Bathtub

Even though this bathtub is not very rich in fancy features, it’s great at what it was designed for: comfort and simplicity. If you decide to use it for long soaking sessions, you’ll be delighted to know that your whole body will be submerged in water without having to press it down in a constant manner.

This walk-in bathtub is great for those who are experiencing joint problems and may have trouble climbing over elevated platforms (especially the elderly and the crippled). Being able to bathe without the aid of another person can enable you to enjoy a quality life once again.


Deciding to remodel your bathroom can truly bring it to life once again. With so many different bathtubs to choose from, you’ll have no trouble finding just the right one for your humble abode. The only tricky part is making the final decision. Do you already have a favorite?

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