Spice up your relationship with 50 shades of grey

Want to take your relationship to another level? Perhaps you have heard or watch about the movie 50 shades of grey. It was kind of a big deal. If you haven’t, it is a movie that could spice your relationship and take it to another new level. And here we are talking especially about sex and femdom dating.

The old and boring missionary style is good until you get tired and want more than that. Do you mind wearing hot lingerie and making things spicy and hot in the bedroom? Do you want to try new positions and tricks? That’s 50 shades of Grey. So let’s get to it.

Experiment with new positions

Missionary style is good – straightforward, some minutes of ecstasy and you are done. But that is not the point of great relationships. You want every moment of things to be a moment to remember. Every corner of your world is being rocked. And during sex, you want his tongue touching your ears or he is making it sweet from behind. You don’t need to do extreme stuff before you reignite passion into your sex life. As a woman, you can take the lead and let him be under you. Or keep your legs up and let him slide in with your legs up above his head. As a man, how about turning her around with her bums turned against your thighs?

Plan to surprise

Surprises are memorable. One minute you are talking about a boring day and the next minute your partner comes with a kiss in the elevator. From that minute, your day turns over and becomes memorable. So plan to surprise during Femdom dating. Give a gift when he doesn’t expect it, a kiss when he is talking about something else, and sex when he is using the bathroom. And if you try to have sex in the elevator or the back of a bus at night, do you think the two of you will forget that for a lifetime?

Take it out of bed

This is another attempt to surprise your partner and make things exciting. One night, you are sitting on the couch and kick things off with a soft kiss. The couch is warmth to your bodies. The space for two bodies is small and you have to be creative to make this convenient. That is the concept of hot romance. Maybe one of you has to stand on the floor and the other is positioned on her back on the couch. Have you tried to surprise your partner in the kitchen? Ask your partner to come to the kitchen or to join you in the tub.

Go wild

In Subs and Doms, you can decide to go wild. Not that wild actually if you don’t want, but the trick is to try what is in 50 shades of Grey. If one partner has been dominating the whole activity in your relationship, let power change hands for some time (a day or two). Allow the other person to take control of the other person’s body completely during the sex; allow her blindfold you, tie your hands and ride you till you beg for a little break. Even if power doesn’t change hands, you might add punishment to spice up sex.

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