Sort Your Space – Clean & Declutter


When you make the decision to start cleaning and decluttering your home, it can feel a bit daunting about how and where to start. The truth is though that unlike the programs, you probably aren’t going to be done in a matter of hours. The process will likely take you somewhere over a matter of weeks, and it is always prudent to book help for more efficient junk removal. In order to make the best of it, here are some tips to get you started.

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Your kitchen can be a source of embarrassment and sometimes the odd smell. It is used to often that is pretty likely for crumbs to find their way into places they shouldn’t be and cutlery to end up in a different drawer. So here are your quick-fire kitchen tips:

  • Unused gadgets – pop them on freecycle, facebook marketplace, or take them to the local donation place. You don’t use them so don’t let them take up prized space in your home.
  • Plastic bags – Instead of storing all of the plastic bags that you buy every week at the supermarket instead place a few reusable bags in your car, and your handbag or on a hook by the front door.
  • Freezer – take a good look at what is in there – what have you used and what has been left there to get freezer burn? Donate what you can to friends and family and make a note not to repurchase it. You’ve freed up extra space already. Defrost the freezer while you are at it.

Living Room

The living room is a high traffic area and because of that tends to get cluttered pretty quickly. Here are fast tips for the living room.

  • Books – if you have finished them, and they aren’t going to be added to your most loved pile, then you might want to consider finding them a new home.
  • Storage – If you have things that could be put away into neat boxes and baskets – now is the time. You might be surprised how much difference a few pale (well labeled) boxes can make.
  • Clean – Do a really deep clean. Move the more significant pieces of furniture – vacuum behind them and scrub the floors. Try to schedule this in for once a month as a minimum.

If you have a lot of items that are gathering dust, it might be the right time to say goodbye. If you don’t use it, love it, and it has no real sentimental value to you – ask yourself why it gets to stay.


The bedroom should be a gentle and relaxing place, where you can unwind after a long day. That doesn’t always happen, though. Sometimes it more like piles of shoes and clothing on the floor, jumpers spilling out of drawers and more. Quick bedroom tip.

  • Clothing – if it isn’t the season for it, vacuum bag it away. Jumpers and cardigans can usually get bagged up by mid-March and back out again in September (depending on what country you are from). When you take them out, you can put in the summer clothing.

Take it slow, and before you know it, you will have tackled the whole house in the space of a month.

What to do with the stuff you don’t need but can’t throw away? Send to storage of course. You can rent a garage unit so you can declutter your house and enjoy a more spacious home.

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