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Los Angeles is definitely one of the hottest cities to be in, both figuratively and literally. Plus, it has some of the most effortlessly stylish people simply walking around the streets of Melrose and Hollywood, like the streets are their catwalks. If you’re an outsider, LA’s lifestyle can be overwhelming. Even if you are from LA, then you know you are lying to yourself if you say you do not feel the pressure to look your best everyday. Even if you keep up with the latest trends you are subject to being labeled as a “copy cat” or “unoriginal.” How do you stand out from a sea of people who strive to be so cool that they end up being the same as everyone else?

Your salvation comes from Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego’s premier fashion stylist, Sophie Mae. You think of stylists and images of well-dressed celebrities probably pop up into your head. Paparazzi’s are not following you around so why do you need a stylist? Having a stylist is so bougie anyways. Wrong!

Sophie Mae is not here to dress you and lay out your outfits for you. She does much more than just style your clothes. She is here to help you discover your own personal style that flatters your body shape and offers services that match your lifestyle and budget. In a sense, she is not a fad diet. She is a lifestyle change that is guaranteed to stick.

She offers three packages that are suited for different needs, and if needed, you can discuss with Sophie Mae to customize a package that is perfectly tailored for you. “The Closet Update” is best for those who have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear. A personal stylist will help you decide which items to keep and which items to toss. The ones you decide that have to go will actually be donated to Working Wardrobes Charity, so you are doing your closet and your community a good deed. The “My Style-Setter Spree Package” is for those who want a wardrobe update or need Sophie Mae’s astute style sense for a special event. The “Style-Setter Luxe Package” is the diamond of deals as you get to have the ultimate shopping experience and access to private shopping suites.

Whether your wardrobe is packed full of so many clothes that you can be on the show Hoarders, or you are just simply too busy to shop, Sophie Mae can help revamp your entire wardrobe. She customizes the most in trend and chic styles to match your personal taste so you do not feel out of place. Actually, you will feel more comfortable with your closet and style after you have encountered Sophie Mae’s magic touch.


Company Name: Couture Public Relations

Contact Person: Dahee Joo


Phone: 310.734.6848


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