Somebodys Gotta Die webseries coming on TV in December

I had the privilege to interview the talented actress Nakesha NjieThe and creator/ director Damien McKnight about the upcoming  show Somebodys Gotta Die. This show will be airing on the Nu TV Network coming December to New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, & Atlanta. Check local TV listings and for more information. Read the interview to find out more!

From: Nakesha Njie (Tiffany)
Tell us about yourself and what you do?
Im a people’s person. I’m a lover. I’m passionate. I’m driven. I’m dedicated. I’m committed. I’m playful. I’m relentless in my pursuit of my dreams. Being a mother of 2, I no longer have the luxury of waiting for things to come to me. I have to get up, go out, and get it. That means what ever I commit to it has me completely. Whether it’s a play, film, commercial, time with family & friends or a break from it all. I won’t give my word and not follow through, ever. As an Actress, I still work on the side, lol. I am the CEO of my own company. Executive Financial Associates. It’s my way to still connect with people by serving them.

Who has inspired you in your life and why?
That’s a really great question. I’m the oldest of 6 and I’ve always had to “learn as grow” through experiences. I’ve watched and learned so much from so many people that I’ve embodied bits and pieces of each. My mother, she always knew how to stay positive even when things didn’t look it’s best. She was my biggest cheerleader! My grandmother, the way she saved was incredible. My stepfather, he inspired me to be me no matter what and always put God 1st. He was 2nd biggest cheerleader! Throughout my ups and downs, I’ve taken them with me. Keeps me going.

What is your greatest achievement so far?
Being a mother of 2 handsome young men. These two have watched me struggle to make my dreams come true without losing faith in me. With over 20 stage plays, 30 films, best supporting actress nominations, awards, public speaking engagements, career days, volunteering, interviews, modeling all under my belt; I get so psyched at what I’ve achieved. But No achievement is greater than watching my boys believe in me with each accomplishment completed. They won’t give up on themselves because I won’t, that is my greatest achievement so far.

Do you have any tips for our readers that are trying to break in the industry?
Make sure this is what you want. Once you’ve determined that, put on your “thick skin”, grind, learn, study, practice until what you’ve envisioned is now your reality and even then keep evolving. Not everyone with see it, at 1st! And remember it’s ok to crawl before you walk, walk before you run, run before you fly. Everything has it’s time.

From: Damien McKnight (creator/director)
What is the inspiration behind Somebody Gotta Die
Somebody Gotta Die was inspired by me as a writer wanting to challenge myself. I wrote two movie scripts in a 3 week period and the best one was going to get filmed. SGD won out. I turned the movie into a web series. Funny story behind the episodes. I got pneumonia last year and the medication kept me up all night so I just wrote. 10 episodes in a week.

How did you pick the roles?
I picked the roles based on my familiarity with the cast. We challenged some of the actors to come out of their comfort zones and they did it. One actor backed out on me at the last minute and we had to find someone at the last minute and the cast found Lexi, she plays the role of trish. Overall it’s a joint effort. I find actors and the cast find some. We never have auditions.

How did people respond to the show?
The viewers responded well to the show. I write a lot of comedy when we do theater so I was a little nervous to how our crowd would respond. They loved seeing the actors in such different roles.

What future plans do you have?
As far as the future, I never stop writing so season 3 is already written in fool and we are waiting to film it at the top of the new year. I also have a comedy ready to be filmed as well as another series I wrote for a friend in NYC that will be filmed in December.


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