Some Great Ideas To Decor Your Home

Ideas for fireplaces? After all, we can’t condemn you, what better and more exoteric than fireplaces and sparkling fireplaces? Real or artificial ambient light creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere in your room. If you have a working fireplace, you can turn it into a purely decorative and eye-catching thing.

The idea of ​​a fireplace can be integrated into modern and more traditional room designs. Although most of them are suitable for living rooms, there is no reason not to inspire other spaces such as open-plan bedrooms, corridors, or dining rooms. The fireplace in the house that has lost its authenticity? London fireplace restoration expert Owen Pacey of Renaissance London shared some key tips for selection. Do you want to create a fireplace in a house that has spoiled its originals? Owen Pacey from Renaissance London fireplace restoration specialist has some significant tips on how to select one.

1. Make a modern industrial look

Has your original chimney been torn? It is relatively cheap to order free-of-charge cast concrete for furniture with all the characteristic functions of marble or stone. When the hob itself is not turned on, it flashes orange on a neutral background. Outstanding.

2. Make place with exposed bricks

If you have inherited a fireplace that already has heating elements instead of lighting it up instantly, check to make sure that the old heating material can be used securely. The open brick fireplace adds a modern touch to the living room. This is a lovely focal point with a link to the house’s past.

3. Combine your fireplace with your walls

Fireplaces sometimes attract attention for the wrong reason. Therefore, if you want the fireplace to blend with the surrounding walls, please paint it to blend with the surrounding walls. This is especially effective if you prefer neutral colors over light neutral colors. But be sure that there is sufficient “light” to contrast with the shadows, so as not to be too big. Stoves made of ash and sofas with metal furniture work in this environment.

4. Set a corner

The large open fireplace, or commonly called inglenook, is the greatest joy of living in the cabin. They were originally used for home cooking and people gathering for extra warmth, but now they are purely decorative and atmospheric. It is the epitome of simplicity and cozy, which fits fully between the wood-beamed ceiling and the cozy sofa. There must be sufficient continuous ventilation in the room so that the fire can run safely with good ventilation.

5. Work on a wood stove

Is niche unused? Install a wood stove. It will be a very cozy core and hit the entire room. Make sure that you are assisted by a trained contractor to ensure that the structure is safe and has been built using the latest technology. The results seen in this quirky country-style living room are impressive and can be appreciated from every corner of the room.

6. Decorate the mantel

Have you ever wondered where the living room furniture points before the advent of TV? Although many fireplaces have been abandoned or destroyed, they are only rejuvenated by our current love for all heritage. Or posing as a family portrait, the mantel itself has already reflected all design eras. Using shelves to display your favorite items is a way to brighten a boring day. The big baby name letters look like the wall above to hang the big font and take off the shawl.

7. Place the storage in the niche

If you are lucky enough to have a large fireplace that is no longer in use, take advantage of the custom-made niche to house a freestanding closet. Ready-made furniture is a perfect alternative to creating an integrated design, which can be a costly project. It’ll look especially good if you paint it the same color as the bedroom and surrounding walls to tie everything together.

8. Fill your fireplace with shelves

If you have a small fireplace that no longer starts a fire or has been blocked and plastered, why not use it as a shelf hole to fill in an unwanted space? This works particularly well in bedrooms for storing books and also in kitchens by creating additional space for pretty displays.

9. Fill in the gaps with logs.

Make an eye-catching show by filling an unused fireplace with logs. This season, firewood is making a rustic style statement. Storing this humble source of heat, stacked and built with an interior designer’s eye, is also the latest “soft” way to add a textural aspect to the winter home. Take the opportunity to search for beautiful leaves in the hedges to decorate the fireplace, adding special meaning to these Sunday afternoon walks. Ivy, rose hips, eucalyptus, yew, and cutting inserts can all be pruned with pruning shears in your pocket. Not only do they look beautiful, but they can also be used as firewood.

The traditional fireplace used to be considered a required condition for heating a room, but in today’s world, it can be considered comfortable and friendly. The wood burner and the corner fireplace certainly have the style and type that suits any style of living room, bedroom, kitchen, and even bathroom.

10. Light your fire

An exposed brick chimney hood is a popular decorative fireplace style right now. It draws focus, adds texture, and gives inglenooks a nicheell that works well in both rustic and modern schemes, giving a nod to the industrial theme. The part in this laid-back living room that provides a focal point and balances the eclectic scheme is particularly noticeable. If your fireplace is not in use, light the hearth with a quirky LED letter light as an added touch.

Is it better to buy a restored fireplace or a replica fireplace?

A beautiful fireplace may be a must now, but the sad truth is that homeowners could not get a fast enough fireplace in the 1970s and 1980s. As a result, many old houses do not have chimneys. So if you want to restore them, it’s even better: Are you looking for old, recyclable fireplaces from buildings of the same age or buying new ones? Is niche

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