So Suave luxury gentleman grooming brand

Men’s skin care products are very popular; the next step is the switch to organic, ecological and sustainably produced products that meet the needs of today’s men. So Suave is aware of this need. They are a premium brand for hair, beard and skincare. They don’t test on animals, and all products are non-toxic.

Ethical grooming products

More and more people are opting for a conscious lifestyle. And they not only choose organic food. No, they also opt for organic grooming products. The reasoning behind this is that these products are better for the environment, but also better for people who use such products. After all, it is pure nature.

In addition to organically growing the ingredients, obtaining and processing them is also tackled as environmentally conscious as possible. Another difference is that with organic skincare products from So Suave you treat your skin and hair in a milder way than with conventional hair products. This means that both your scalp and your hair suffer less during, for example, the care or styling of your beard.

Shaving butter

Daily shaving can irritate the skin and result in red spots, wounds and ingrown hairs. Prevent dry and irritated skin with natural and organic shaving butter from So Suave that soothe and care for skin before, during and after shaving.

Beard oil

Buying the right beard oil for your beard is serious business. Each beard has its own oil. A beard oil makes the beard hair soft and ensures a sleek shiny beard. Do you suffer from dry and flaky skin under the beard? Then use the SO Suave 100% natural beard oil to care for the skin.

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