Smile Makeover with Lumineers


Lumineers dental veneers have essentially become a household name due to the aggressive marketing campaign pursued by their maker, DenMat, LLC. Lumineers veneers utilize a novel idea in treating patients for issues like discoloration, chipped or worn teeth, gaps and other abnormalities. Unlike conventional veneers, they are fabricated to be extra thin. This presents a two-fold advantage. Less of the protective tooth structure known as the enamel has to be grinded away and as a result patients have the option of reversing the cosmetic work performed.

What is Lumineers

This is a revolutionary departure from what has been previously offered in cosmetic dentistry. Conventional veneers, which measure a few millimeters is thickness, require slight alteration of the tooth enamel to obtain a natural looking result.This type of alteration is generally not preferred when the teeth are otherwise healthy. Furthermore, there are often nasty side effects that accompany this “shaving away” of the tooth structure. Tooth sensitivity is one of them.

Now, although this “prep free” approach may ease the mind of anxious patients, it’s not all that it’s cut out to be. Only in very ideal circumstances can the dentist get away without prepping the teeth at all. If your teeth are protruding outwards or misaligned, the end result will look unnatural. There have been plenty well publicized complains focusing on this issue.

Other reports have also indicated that these veneers are prone to falling off. Again, a competent dentist will alert you that Lumineers are contraindicated if you present with a complex case. Lumineers are not offered at a pricing point that makes them much more attractive than conventional veneers. More so, the treatment timeframe may be delayed depending on how fast the DenMat lab can process the order sent by your dentist. If any mistakes are made in terms of the shade or shape of the restoration, they need to be sent back for correction.

Why You Should Choose lumineers

If your ultimate goal is to pursue minimally invasive treatment, composite veneers may be ideal. Although they don’t last as long as porcelain veneers, less tooth reduction is needed and you can try on the new look to debate whether a permanent solution is worth pursuing. On average, composite veneers only last three to five years but can be inexpensively repaired. It is possible to extend the life longevity of these veneers with careful dietary restrictions that prevent absorption of stains by the composite material. Proper oral hygiene with gentle products will also help maintain the shine of the veneers.

Other Options

Orthodontic treatment is always a good option as well, and with many of the invisible orthodontic devices available today, your peers might not notice any difference. Once you complete treatment, cosmetic dentistry can be used to further enhance your teeth by means of whitening, contouring, bonding, etc. To get a complete picture of the extent of treatment you require, a visit with a cosmetic dentist is mandatory. Find the Best Nursing Shoes for Women on Stetho Expert. They can walk you through several treatment options that are geared either towards more aesthetic results or affordable treatment.

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