SmartTie made of sustainable collagen-based fabric as soft as silk


A revolutionary product that changes the way we look at ties, San Francisco-based Fashion-Tech startup made it happen when they launched SmartTie. The ties are made of Collagen Beauty Fiber® a new generation of luxurious bionic fabrics made from recycled natural collagen peptides and viscose. Its material looks like silk and feels like cashmere. Best of all it’s environmentally friendly and  100% biodegradable and it does not use any hazardous chemicals in processing. Read on to find out more about SmartTie.


If you have trouble putting on a tie you won’t have this problem anymore with SmartTie. You don’t have to redo the knot you can use the magnets that hook at the back of the tie. Easy to wear inside the collar for men or on your cleavage for women.

Transmitter chip

The SmartTie is equipped with a transmitter chip with this chip you can decide which information you want to share with others. Such as contact information and photos to protect your privacy. Information is transmitted through an app.


The SmartTie comes in varied options of colorful elegant designs. Because of the nanotechnology that is used to created this revolutionary tie its antibacterial, naturally deodorizing, anti-static, moisturizing, and sun-protective with UPF 30+.

Collagen protein

SmartTie supports the fishing industry. The collagen protein is derived from fish scales that are normally thrown away. The collagen is bonded to a rayon which is recycled wood tree pulp. The Ties are custom made in San Francisco. For more information visit their website here.

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