Smart Tips for Planting a Family Tree This Year

family tree

There are many ways to document your family’s growth and changes, one of which is a literal family tree. Consider these tips for planting a family tree.

Tracking height with markings on a vertical surface is one of the most common ways families document the transition from childhood to adulthood for each member. However, this isn’t the only way to keep track of your children’s progress and growth throughout their lives. If you love gardening or nature, consider using a tree as your documentation. Read on for smart tips for planting a family tree this year.

Choose the Tree Together

Because this tree will be an important addition to your entire family, you should choose the tree together. Plan an outing to choose the tree together—don’t select it on a whim. Consider your local climate and USDA hardiness zone to ensure the tree is native to the area. Otherwise, it may not last as long as you’d like for the intended purpose.

Pro Tip

Choose a fruit tree, as it provides delicious food and makes for the perfect documentation tree.

Plant It as a Family

Planting this tree should be a family event, as it’s the beginning of something beautiful and symbolic. Because it’ll be part of the property for years to come, you should choose a spot that is big enough for the tree’s mature size and gets plenty of sunlight.

Every family member should have a job during the planting process, whether digging the hole or filling in the soil around the root system. Once the tree is in the ground, consider taking your very first family photo to document the beginning of a unique family tradition. Start a photo album or scrapbook with this photo as the cover picture or first entry in the book.

Pro Tip

Ensuring a long life for your tree doesn’t end at the planting stage. Learn the tips for checking your tree’s health to ensure it thrives throughout the coming years.

planting a family tree

Give It a Name

This tree will become a significant member of the family, so you should give it a name. Giving it a proper name is an excellent way to embrace its presence on your property. Whether you choose basic names like Thomas or James or more unique choices like Aspen or Olive, you won’t regret giving your family tree a special identity.

Pro Tip

Get a custom sign or plaque with the tree’s name and establishment date and put it next to it.

Take a New Picture Every Season

Using the tree as a backdrop for family photos is the best way to document your family’s growth and development. Although you can take the photo once annually to see a significant difference, you should consider taking a new picture every season to document subtle changes over the years. People can grow and change daily, so the visible changes every few months will surprise you. Plan dates or holidays in advance to make this family photo a priority.

Hopefully, these smart tips for planting a family tree this year will help you make the most of your documentation experience. The scrapbook you build with new family photos will give you and future family members a way to reflect on how far your legacy has come.


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