Smart Gadgets That Help to Protect Your Home


If you are planning a holiday or a prolonged period away from your home ensuring it is well protected will help to give you extra peace of mind. No one likes to imagine the worst happening while they are away but putting preventative measures in place is the ideal way to reduce the amount of damage or loss that a potential break-in might cause. In today’s connected society, it can be easy to broadcast the fact that you’re going to be away from your home without even realizing who is seeing it, so one of the first steps in preventing the word getting out is by keeping it off of your social profiles. There is a way to use technology is a helpful way to prevent intruder access, so check out these handy gadgets that will support your security efforts.

Timed lights

One of the most visible ways to tell if no one is home is that there are no lights on around the house. To change that, using timed light sockets is a great way to strategically illuminate different areas of the house while you are away. This could be useful for turning the living room lights on around evening time or a bedroom light on later in the evening to make it look like someone is home.

Security cameras

Cameras are a great way to monitor your property from both the inside and out. With the latest in technology, you can also get access to the live feed from these cameras via your smartphone. They provide a zoom function and can many have infrared features to capture clear images at night. Some systems will even send alerts to your phone if they detect movement so you can check it out for peace of mind.

Install an alarm

Visible alarm systems are one of the biggest deterrents for unwanted guests, and although they have been around for some time, the technology and systems have improved dramatically in the past few years. With increased sensitivity and features that can alert your chosen security firm, someone can check over your property to ensure it is safe and protected and alert you promptly if there are any issues.

TV simulator

Alongside using timer switches for your lights, a TV simulator is also a great idea. This handy device emulates the colors and flickers that’d you expect if the TV was on and can be set on a timer to ensure it only comes on when you need it.

Peephole camera

This innovative device is ideal for checking who is at the door, and it doesn’t just work when you are at home, it also provides you information when you are out too. You can get this working with your smartphone to check who is at the door and some devices also allow you to speak through them.

With the latest advances in technology, these handy gadgets can help protect your property whether you are at home or away.

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