Small Water Features 6 Tips that Will Transform Your Garden

You don’t need a large lake to turn your outdoor space into a water garden – there are plenty of small water features that will bring the area to life. From small ponds to calming waterfalls, here are six tips for transforming your garden with a small water feature. 

  1. Attract Wildlife 

Attracting wildlife is much easier with a pond, but you can always plant bee-friendly plants around your fountain, too! You don’t need acres of space to attract the attention of birds, insects, and amphibians.

If you decide to install a pond, make sure you plant lots of plants around the outer edge and put lily pads in the water. You should also place some logs and large stones around the feature for animals to sit on while bathing in the sunshine. Before long, you’ll find many insects and frogs enjoying your beautiful water haven. 

  1. Install a Fountain 

Create a whimsical look by installing a small fountain in your humble outdoor area. It needn’t reach the skies or spray into next-door’s garden – a small feature is enough to mesmerize visitors. Just imagine the soft patter of flowing water on a warm summer’s day while drinking home-made lemonade – heaven! 

  1. Keep It Clean 

Cleanliness is a priority when it comes to a water feature. After all, it should be a place of beauty! Make sure you learn the proper maintenance, such as checking the water regularly, so your feature keeps sparkling through winter and summer. 

Part of the upkeep comes from using high-quality materials, so hunt for a great water feature pump for a low-maintenance and healthy feature. 

  1. Include Fish 

One way to make your outdoor water feature pop is by including fish. There are plenty to choose from, from Koi Carps to Goldfish, so choose the ones that most appeal to you while keeping in mind their life length. 

Owning fish comes with responsibility, so learn how to care for them from season to season to give them the best life possible.

  1. Decorate with Rocks 

Rocks don’t have to be boring – find some cool rocks and get creative with their placement. You could stack some on top of each other, including ones of varying sizes, or even build a rock waterfall! It’s an easy way of adding a natural look that doesn’t require as much maintenance as plants. 

  1. Upgrade the Surroundings 

You should pay as much attention to the surroundings as you do to the water feature. If you’re going for a certain aesthetic, make sure the plants and benches around the water match. Plant some flower beds, grow some trees, and create a pretty outdoor seating area to enhance the feature’s beauty.  

A water feature is one of the most beautiful upgrades you can give your garden. By installing one, you will enjoy a breath of nature, the calmness of the water, and the many species that come to enjoy the feature.


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