Small Bathroom Remodeling Tips

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You just looked in your bathroom with remodeling on your mind, but ran out screaming because you just don’t know where to start. Small bathroom design ideas, when it comes to remodeling, aren’t easy to come up with. We can help by giving you a little push back into your bathroom and inspiring you with a few remodeling tips.

Freestanding Bathtub

Nothing makes a small bathroom look bigger than knocking out those walls around the existing tub and shower. With those walls out of the way, start off your new small bathroom decor by establishing a theme. Your theme can begin around a freestanding bathtub, better yet, a clawfoot tub. There are plenty of clawfoot tubs in various designs and colors to get your design started. Since you have those walls out of the way, you can place it anywhere and at any angle.

Vanity Top Wash Basin

Now that you are in the groove with your small bathroom design, why not do a little something different with that old sink and vanity. Find a vanity that has all the cabinet and drawer space you need, but don’t drop the sink into the top. Leave all of that space free for storage and place a wash basin on top. You might try a basin with a stone look to go with your theme.

Mirror with Storage

Above that vanity, you have to have a mirror. A mirror that ties your theme together makes an excellent choice. Since you need a little extra storage in the limited space of your small bathroom, add one that also serves as a cabinet.

Finishing Touches

With your theme coming together, it’s time to add the finishing touches. The proper faucets for both your vanity and your freestanding tub will not only complete your theme, but can also add the right touch of elegance.

Your limited space could also use some extra help from robe hooks, towel rods and even some extra shelving. You can make use of a number of these accessories to help create the ultimate look you are striving for. You might even throw in an electric towel rod so you will have a little something to brag about.

Don’t run away from remodeling your small bathroom. Make use of the small bathroom ideas and tips for remodeling listed above and give your small bathroom that needed facelift. Your small bathroom decor can be enhanced by adding just a few elegant touches, fixtures and the latest best bathroom design trends.

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