Sleep and Technology: 10 Tips to Sidestep the Problems

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Advancement in technology can either be a good or bad thing depending on a number of reasons. Technology has seen the development of a number of electronic devices including laptops, television sets and mobile phones among many others. These gadgets have had very many impacts on human beings, both positive and negative. Yes, the preferment in technology has made the world a better place beyond any reasonable doubt. But again, this same technology has brought about many problems to people at an individual level.

Statistics have it that a very large percentage of folks out there have become slaves to technology. A massive chunk of both youths and adults have been addicted to these electronic devices. Addiction to these gadgets is one of the main reasons people lack sleep. According to Sleepio, over 35,000 people were admitted due to sleep disorders in the United Kingdom over a span of one year. This is rapidly growing into an international muddle- thanks to technology.

Sleep impoverishment can lead to a number of complications in one’s day-to-day life experiences. Some of the complications faced by individuals suffering from the same are mood swings, depression, and gloom-ridden thoughts. Some extreme cases show that it can also cause psychotic interludes leading to admission in rehabilitation facilities.

Well, all in all, it is paramount that people learn to cope up with the environment. In a technology-driven world, personal effort to get some sleep is essential. Here are a couple of sleep tips that, when practiced, could play a great role in sidestepping these problems:

Utilize the device’s silent mode feature

Every device, whether it’s a laptop or mobile phone, is fitted with a feature that puts the phone in a completely silent mode. Majority of human beings cannot get themselves to ignore a text or e-mail regardless of the time it’s sent to you. Ignoring texts and e-mails that come in during odd times can be very difficult. On the other hand, it pretty much unlikely that an email or text sent during these times is of much importance. Thus, consider having your phone or any other electronic gadgets in silent mode during the night.

Have your gadget charging away from the bed

Generally, addicts to technology cannot have their phones away from them even for a few minutes. With your phones beside you as you sleep, it is practically impossible to sleep through the night without having a glimpse of it. Having your phone charge, a distance away from the bed should help you solve this issue. Keep in mind that once you click the phone and the blue light comes on, it is pretty hard to get back to sleeping.

Doing this could also help you in getting up early as you’ll have to get off the bed in order to turn off the alarm or access your gadget.

Enforce a one-hour pre-nap ban

As the sun sets and dark starts taking over, a human mind prepares its host for sleep. The brain does this by creating melatonin- a hormone that induces sleep. Research indicates that the blue light brought about by display devices like a phone, laptop or television screen hinders the production of this hormone. Enforcing a one-hour pre-nap ban on all these accessories should give the brain ample time to produce this hormone which eventually causes sleep.

Consider using ear plugs

Ear plugs are usually used by people in different professions for protection against loud noises. Well, they can also be used during bedtime. Best ear plugs are commonly used by light sleepers and people who live in noise-prone environments.

Sleeping with ear plugs can be very important for a good night sleep. This is because it blocks the mind from external disruptions by blocking all sorts of sound.

Cut caffeine

Research, conducted by scientists from Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, indicates that caffeine introduced into the human body up to three hours before sleep has cynical aftermath on sleep. Totally avoiding or reducing the amount of caffeine ingested before bed should see a peaceful night through.

Other measures that can be taken to ensure you get enough and peaceful sleeps during the night are:

  • Turn off your television set- this reduces the blue light.
  • Refrain from video gaming before going to bed.
  • Have the right kind of gadget by you when going to bed such as e-readers or radios.
  • Go for non-tech or obsolete modes of entertainment.
  • Adopt a bed-time diary system.

In conclusion, catching some good sleep can be pretty hard, thanks to technology. Technology is at its prime, and it also affects every single individual. In order to get good sleep, which is very important, consider adopting these trends.

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