Skinny jeans: the best to choose and how to match them

Very adherents, feminine and always very trendy, women skinny jeans really like them all and it is very simple to match them in order to achieve the best outfit.

The main feature of this model is its incredible versatility: skinny jeans are perfect, not only for daily looks, but they could be extremely elegant and refined tone when worn with Entro Tops in the office or on special occasions . Season after season they have made their way in all women’s (but also men’s) wardrobes, becoming a must-have of the daily dress code.

The history of skinny jeans

When we talk about “skinny” jeans we are referring to a very tight and close-fitting garment, so much so that it looks like a second skin. Originally conceived as a uniform and a work garment, over the years jeans have won over audiences all over the world thanks to their innumerable facets.

Thanks to the revolutionary visions of young designers and stylists, fashion has transformed them into one of the most worn and loved garment.

The very first models of skinny jeans made their appearance during the Seventies on the rock and punk stages of the American and English scene, worn by bands and front men.

However, the real boom took place in the 2000s where, wearing top models like Kate Moss, they started appearing on the shelves of all clothing stores. Nowadays, various fashion brands create and create numerous variations, expressing them in every nuance and shape.

Must-have models

Now comes the most complicated part: what are the best womens skinny jeans so far? And which one will be the most suitable for your body?

In the vast world of skinny jeans, losing your compass is really easy. In addition to the models, even the washings in which they are offered are endless and there really is something for all tastes: from the most classic and clear with the faded effect to the darker and grayish one, reaching then the most loved and absolute black, perfect for every occasion.

Outfits and combinations: how to wear them

Matching them is really simple, it just depends on the style you want to achieve! The skinny jeans have many features, but the versatility is certainly the one that stands out among all: you can wear it at any time and at any time, but always paying particular attention to the combinations.

The most loved and trendy look is the sporty-chic one that sees them combined with maxi sweatshirt or t-shirt, sneakers and blazers of various lengths and sizes.

If you like to mix different styles and you are not afraid to experiment, you can also wear them with a leather jacket or a denim jacket and shoes with not too high heels, to get maximum comfort.

For the evening, you can choose an elegant total black outfit made up of skinny jeans and pumps with a vertiginous heel or wear them with a romantic semi-transparent shirt and ankle boots.

Not just streetstyle: skinny jeans are also suitable for more elegant and formal occasions, such as workwear. Our advice, particularly useful if you are tall, is to wear them matching a plain or patterned blazer or a longer coat for a look with a bon-ton style.

Take advantage of the play of volume contrasts with XL size outerwear and wear them with ballet flats, moccasins and flat shoes.

If height is not your strong suit, you can always opt for the high-waisted model and combine it with short and worked jackets or simple blouses, choosing shoes with a more or less high heel or ankle boots.

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