Skincare: Is it an Art or a Science?


We put a lot of different products on our skin – from make-up through to our nightly skincare routine. This is all with the hope of looking after our skin. While the purpose of makeup to create the perfect look, it now has added extras such as SPF in your foundation, moisturizing blusher, and even cream eyeshadow if you have dry eyelids. Now, everything you put on your face is also part of protecting and treating your skin.

Certainly, with new trends in makeup at the minute, you can agree that interacting with your skin is an art.

Contouring is on trend, and it can feel that it is out of the realm of what you can do in front of your mirror at home. Particularly since every celebrity who promotes it as part of their style has an expensive artist that does it for them. However, If you do want to try by yourself, there are plenty of beginners guides out there that will help. You see intricate designs as part of eye makeup, and just scrolling through a few posts on social media on Halloween shows off a creative side of many people.

Makeup Artists write about the best skin routines to follow – cleanse, tone, moisturize. And the products itself, focus on targeting the immediate problem. A good cleanser can get makeup off easily without being harsh on the skin, a toner tightens, and a moisturizer is effective if it just hydrates the skin. No other thought to how else it could help your body.

Nowadays, science is becoming a part of everything in life. Whether it’s a new medicine, a new technology or the science behind weight loss. There is a way to break everything down into processes. Having a greater understanding of how our bodies work and react to the products we use can help us lead healthier lives compared to before.




As a natural progression, scientists have started to look at skincare. This research can help with a variety range of issues – for example, a lot of people with skin complaints can struggle to find products that don’t irritate their skin, and therefore have to forgo makeup or moisturizer to keep their condition under control. Unfortunately avoiding these products can impact confidence, and can lead to skin damage in a different way  – if you can’t cleanse or moisturize for example. Anti-Aging has had a massive leap forward thanks to science. At Sente Labs  they have discovered a product that has previously been only used in medicine, can help reduce wrinkles and regenerate the skin. Whereas previously, keeping hydrated and eating well were the only ways to maintain good skin that had a direct impact on your health, now the products you put on your body can improve your wellbeing too.

Overall, what you put on your skin, and how you apply it, is a combination of both science and art. With all these great ways to look after your face, don’t forget there are also ways to have kissable lips  to complete the look!

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