Six ways to make the most of summer

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The summer’s coming, at last, finally some warm weather and hopefully some quality time to chill out. So, what have you got planned to enjoy the holiday period and to get some well-earned rest? If you’re struggling for ideas, here are six ways to get you thinking about how to make the most of this time of the year.

Get time off work

If you’re in a full-time job, with a vacation allowance, then you’ll want to consider getting your request in for time off now if you haven’t already done so! Summer is peak season when most of your colleagues will also want to take some time off – especially if they have families. Your boss can’t let everyone be off at the same time, so you’ll need to get your request in with the rest and not last-minute.

Once you’ve got your vacation allowance confirmed, then you can set about organizing your social life, and what you’re going to do to chill this summer.

Book a trip!

Summer’s traditionally the time of year when everyone heads off on vacation, whether that’s close to home or overseas. If you’ve got a week or more to spare, then start having a look around for trip ideas. If you’re stuck, head online and check out some travel sites and blogs for inspiration.

You could head to the coast for a beach break, getting some sun and enjoying some water activities. Or you could head for the mountains and enjoy some walking while getting up close and personal with nature! Make sure you take all the right kit with you though!

If you’re looking for a completely different cultural experience, then you may want to look further afield, at other countries and continents. Why not take a look at Asia or Africa? The beaches of Zanzibar are some of the most beautiful you will ever see. Where you go will obviously be dependent on how much of a budget you have, but you can make things cheaper if you plan ahead and hunt down the best deals.

If you have a family and are planning to book a vacation, the advice is to do it as soon as you can. Resorts, hotels, and flights all get booked up pretty quick for the summer, and you may be left with limited choices and higher prices if you leave it all to the last minute.

Take up a new sport

The summer can be an ideal time to get off the couch and out in the open air, enjoying new sports. If you’re heading to the coast at any point during the holiday period, instead of just sitting in a beach-side café or getting a suntan on the sand, why not take to the water and learn a new activity? You could try your hand at windsurfing, sailing or (if you’re feeling strong enough!) kitesurfing. There are normally loads of beach schools offering lessons and expert coaching, have a look out for them and book yourself in to learn from the best.

Away from the coast, you could get out onto the tennis court and get some action, or maybe you could enjoy some mountain or river walking tours. The outdoor sports opportunities are endless when the weather’s being kind!

Get festival tickets

The summer months also bring lots of music events. You can still catch concerts inside venues, of course, but you’ll also have a much wider choice of outdoor music events. Go online and have a look at the listings local to you. If you’re heading overseas on vacation, then check out what’s happening at your destination during your visit. You never know, your favorite band or singer might be in town and performing at an amazing outdoor venue. But be sure to get your tickets fast before they sell out!

You may also find longer festivals on offer, two or three-day events, where you can go with your friends and family and enjoy some nights under the stars in your tents, while also absorbing some great live music on stage.

You don’t have to head to a concert or festival though to enjoy music; you could just download some of your favorite tracks to enjoy while sitting by a pool or the beach during the summer. For some chill out tunes, check out sites like

Plan some get-togethers

Summer is an ideal excuse to throw a party and have some get-togethers. So why not make use of the warmer weather and organize some events for your friends and family to enjoy.

You could lay on a BBQ party if you have some garden space at your home. And don’t feel like you have to pay for everything, you can ask guests to bring their own food to throw over the hot coals, and some drinks to wash it down. This kind of party can be a real chance to chill out with those close to you, to have a laugh and a joke under the summer sun.

Not on a party scale, you could invite some friends or relatives over to have a meal outside or just some drinks. Or maybe you could meet for lunch in a park or on the beach. The social opportunities are plentiful, so get your thinking hat on!

Take summer classes

If you have a fair bit of time off over the summer and you want to learn a new skill or hobby, then it could be worth checking out what classes are on offer locally to you. There may be some outdoor activities on offer. For example, exploring plants and wildlife in a national park. Or you could take up some outdoor cooking lessons, perfecting your meat grilling techniques on the BBQ.

If you’re stuck for ideas, head to the web and look at local colleges and education providers to see what comes up. You may also want to check local tourism listings, as there may be something on there that gets you interested.

Summer activities like these can last from just a day to a few weeks, see what best suits the time you have available.

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