Six Easy Steps to Become Environment-Friendly

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With news reports flying in from all corners of the world regarding global warming, and with met offices warning of hotter days ahead, it’s time to be eco-friendly.

If you too wish to make a few drastic changes in your environment, you have come to the right place. Let us check out the most important and easy to follow ways to be eco-friendly.

  1. Ditch Your Car for a Bike: If there is a key contributor to the rise in atmospheric heat around the world, it has to be that of the vehicular emission. Carbon monoxide fumes are bad and they play an active role in creating the hole in the ozone layer. So, how about ditching your car and opting out for your bike? A short ride to the market or to work also, on your bike will help you lose those stubborn calories all the while being environment-friendly.
  2. Buy Locally Grown Products: If you wish to do something for your environment while also being socially conscious, then opting for locally grown foods would help. Start encouraging local farmers by buying their foods. Their farming will keep the local farms growing and healthy. Likewise, you also save on the carbon footprint that foods from other states would have to leave to reach you as well.
  3. Switch to Green Energy Provider: With solar power, wind power, biomass, landfill gas among others, you are surely going to be eco-friendly. Your home and office will get all the energy it needs to function all through the year with the zero worries of emission and pollution too. An easy way to join the green energy revolution is to switch your home energy to a provider like Bulb. You can find out more with this Bulb energy review
  4. Recycle: Recently, plastic bags and other non-bio-degradable items have come under greater scrutiny and criticism for damaging the oceans and landfills. So, if you can recycle and re-use bottles, and bags, a lot of these worries would abate.
  5. Take Shorter Showers: The demand for water is set to increase by 55% as per statistics. This is just a reminder to ensure that instead of those bubble baths, taking shorter baths or showers would help the world a lot.
  6. Plant Trees: Your neighborhood’s green thumb and the local parks can get a few new trees. Make it a habit and encourage others by planting trees and saplings. After all, everyone loves to get a bit of cool shade naturally in the hot days.

Following these principles and making it a regular habit will not just save the environment, but also leave behind, a legacy for the younger generation to take not and follow.

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