Siquoyia World Productions Announces the Brand New Single “Champion”!

Siquoyia World Productions is thrilled to announce the release of the latest,
SINGLE from Siquoyia Blue

CHAMPION is a single that will form an anthem for creating a soulful, sexy
and eccentric mood. Siquoya Blues is an inspired enigma who is bringing a
vibey and diverse feel with nuances of her unique vocals and a style on a
single that is coupled by World Class Production. Champion is a sexy mind
warp that will take listeners and fans on an eccentric ride. The song is a
journey that will allow the listeners to feel free, alive, spirited and
uninhibited. Play, Download and stream this banger! Siquoyia Blue is here
to change the game

The single was produced by Siquoyia Blue
Artist: Siquoyia Blue





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