Simple Ways To Make New Menu Items Stand Out

make new menu items stand out

Updating the menu and making new items on it stand out is a sure way to improve the popularity and success of your restaurant. Get as creative as possible.

Owning a restaurant is a risky business. Owners need to constantly discover new ways to maintain a successful business. Half of that has to do with the cuisine, and the other half has to do with the atmosphere. And the menu falls underneath both of those categories. Add some new items and make customers notice them. Use these simple ways to make new menu items stand out.

Worth 1,000 Words

What’s worth a thousand words? Pictures! They can say more than words can sometimes. Listing the item on the menu isn’t enough—customers need to crave the dish, and showing them what they’ll get a chance to experience is the best way.

Place the new items on the front of the menu or create a separate page for them entirely. With each item, have an image off to the side so that diners can envision what will come out to them on the plate. Make sure there’s plenty of color in these pictures because that always catches an eye.

Bigger Is Better

The bigger the item is, the harder it is to overlook. Instead of changing the font size on the menu, consider advertising the new items with the help of your décor. Use chalkboard walls to introduce new items on the menu.

Place the signage or chalkboard walls in a good line of sight for every customer that walks in. Making them readable for every seat is also a plus. If you use a chalkboard, you’ll want to get the chalkboard lettering just right so that no one has a hard time reading what’s good on the menu. Plus, your design needs to be creative and eye-catching for diners.

The Golden Triangle

Ever heard of the golden triangle? It’s huge in the restaurant business. Design the menu so the background image creates an upside-down triangle. Change the coloring of the center compared to the background to create a point of focus.

In the center of the triangle is where you’ll place the new items on the menu. The background colors will ensure the new items receive a big debut. While the golden triangle is a classic option, you can arrange the menu’s background however you like. The important thing is the new options remain in the center.

Description Identifiers

Sometimes you need to change up the language for customers. The way you describe the food is just as important as the image. You want to hear the words, “Ooh, that sounds good.” That’s when you know you’ve got the customers on the hook.

If your restaurant appeals to a specific demographic, use words and descriptions that you know will speak to them specifically. They need to understand what they’re about to consume. Use nostalgic language for boomers and older generations. Meanwhile, you can use modern slang for millennials and Gen Z crowds and upscale language for first-class diners.

Whichever option you choose, make sure your messaging matches the ambiance and theme of the restaurant when trying to make new menu items stand out.


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